Saturday, May 3, 2008

"I don't feel like it.... " says Mrs Bad Attitude

This post seems to mirror last weekends post.. lol Seems like each week.. at some point.. I have to choose whether I am going to let "something" get me down. Part of that I am sure is called HORMONES lol. Wednesday I weighed in and was not happy at all with my 1/2 lb gain. I was pretty negative with myself. But as usual with some time.. I see the silver lining.. I am more healthy than I have been in a long time. My blood pressure is completely normal now. I don't wake up sluggish. I have so much more energy with the kids..

I think so often "we" take our health for granted.. when good health is a blessing from God. Something I am learning is to truly be thankful everyday for the very things I take advantage of... Leave it to satan to get us off track and cause discontentment, negativity, and bad attitudes. Ephesians 6:10-19 reminds me that we should be waking up every morning and guarding ourselves against evil..negativity, things that take our focus off the Lord. Our Pastor said last week.. not to make decisions based on how you feel... because it will change in 30 minutes. lol That is definitly me lol Life isn't based on how we feel..but what we must do.. what is right. I don't "feel" like doing laundry lol but if I don't then well.. I don't "feel" like cleaning or grocery shopping, or being nice to my husband lol. But most of the times after we begin we find out the end result is so much more rewarding then letting our bad attitude take control.

The Lord certainly teaches me new things everyday.. (sometimes over and over and over again).

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Susanna said...

Hi there. I am also 29, had my 2nd child in October and sooooo need to shift the weight. I was doing ok up until Easter and then kind of flopped.Just thought I would say hello :)

Tara said...

Thanks for stopping by. Struggling with weight really seems to dictate so many things doesn't it? I keep thinking if I lose this weight.. then.. I'll be happier.. I'll be able to do this or that... lol And nothing like trying to lose the weight from giving birth!!!!

A Dusty Frame said...

Thank you for participating:)

The not living by our feelings is SO hard but so necessary.

A little about me...

It is that time again!!!! I am thinking of attempting to lose weight for the 100 millionth time. haha. This time I know it will work :)

In November of 2007, I gave birth to my second child, a C-Section. Not only did that put me back physically, but I also developed high blood pressure. I am only 29. Talk about discouraging.

I started gaining weight in highschool. Seems to have followed me everywhere. My ultimate goal is to lose 120 lbs but I'll settle for 10 right now. haha.

There is absolutely no reason why I cannot succeed in this weight loss endeavor. I have exercise equipment. I guess that means I have to use it. Also, I am going to attempt the Carbohydrates Addict Diet. I have had some success with this in the past.

So I am thinking, with putting my progress out for the world to see.. it will force me to make the right choices. Let's hope!! Feel free to comment on anything or tell your story. It's always encouraging to hear about others successes. Join me on this weight loss journey...

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