Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Magic Flower Seeds!

Recently my Mother In Law sent a package for my kids of clothes and toys. One of the neat things she added to the box was this little green house planting kit for kids. It looks like it might of come from Target but I am not sure. It comes with 6 mini plastic pots, 6 round disks of dirt, and two bags of seeds. You insert the round disk in each pot, add a little water then let the dirt expand for about 5 minutes. Then comes the seeds. You just dig a tiny hole and add several seeds cover it back up water a tiny bit then put the green house cover on. My son and I worked on this project this last Sunday and I am telling you the next day there were already sprouts. Now its Wednesday, going on 4 days since planting and look how big these little flower plants are!!! I swear they are magic seeds hahah.

The reason this works for because my almost 4 year old is VERY impatient.. and he has been waiting for the plants he and I had planted 3 weeks ago or so to sprout...and just now are we finally seeing a tiny little green "thing" pop up...but planting with this green house has brought nearly instant results!! He is so thrilled. He keeps saying "look at what I did" haha.

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4 comments: said...

This is very nice. I love immediate gradification.
Thanks for sharing.

Tammy said...

I'm sure that is great fun for your kids to watch. We have 3 patio tomato plants this year and my daughter cannot wait for the first tomato to ripen!!

Tania said...

So cute!! I can't believe how fast they grew!! As Ben would say, like Jack's beanstalk. (-:

Amanda T said...

I love it! What an excellent gift. They look like the wild flowers that we planted. Is that what they are? If so, they should grow very tall which I bet will make your son very happy!

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