Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Soap Box Thursday! Rings, Dings, & Knockingggggg

Welcome to Soap Box Thursday..where your opinion and thoughts are appreciated!

Here is my "soap box speech" lol (Just a few things that drive me bonkers lol) Being a stay at home mom forces my time to be spent on chasing, yelling lol, teaching, changing diapers, feeding, finding entertainment, along with the house hold chores, then there's dinner, ect ect ect,(I am not complaining mind you. I love being a MOTHER and a WIFE ) in which I am sure most of you can relate! With that said, I don't have the time to answer every phone call that comes in, or every knock on the front door or ding dong of the doorbell. We have caller I.D. and if it is someone I recognize and I am able, I will take the call, most of the time, however, kids are running around like chickens so I let the voice mail get it! What drives me crazy is when people do not leave messages!!!! Then they get mad that you didn't answer the phone or get back with them lol Or when someone in the morning rings the door bell then starts knocking and knocking and knocking and you peep out the eye hole, all the while trying to keep your kids quiet, and you don't recognize this STRANGER, and yet they expect you to open the door!!!

I don't know about most of you, but these days I do not open the door to strangers, nor to do I pick up the phone at the drop of a hat! It is scary you can't trust people anymore, but having children brings out a protective nature in me.

Perhaps this is not something that even bothers you lol But me it drives me Crazy!!! I am thinking of putting a little box out by the front doors with a plaque that reads:

"If no one answers, take the pen, scribble a note, and drop it in"

The rest of the day I keep thinking who was that who came to the door lol

Do any of you answer the door during the day? Especially if you are a stay at home mom? Do you use caller I.D.?

What is your Soap Box "speech" today?

Please feel free to link your blog and share your "Soap Box" Speech! Just keep it clean PLEASE!!! Make sure to link back here. You are welcome to use the Soap Box Thursday Icon at the top if you wish! Please don't leave me standing up on this box by myself lol :)


Marlina said...

Hey there! Since we homeschool and are home all day, I have a note on the door that I typed and put in a page protector taped to the door that reads:
"~Please do not disturb~
During school hours we will not be available to answer the door.
Monday through Friday until 3:00pm.
Thank you for your courtesy."

We also have a "no solicitors sign on the arbor by our front gate.

With both of these in place, it has helped a lot, because we DO NOT need to answer the phone OR the door just because we are at home.

I feel a little safer this way, and it also tells the neighbor kids not to come by and knock just because they are home from school already.

MOMMY said...

I try not to answer our door when I am home alone with the kids. It is hard for us though as our front door is next to a huge picture window that shows the whole living room and tha back door is all glass showing the family room-the two rooms we are most in.

I do use caller ID all of the time-I love that it even works when we are on the phone. I tend to let the machine pick up most calls and it is amazing how many people do not leave messages.


beth said...

I am at work during the day, but I do not ever answer my door to strangers. Also, we do not have a home phone...just our cell phones. I do not EVER answer a number that I do not know. You could call me 12 times in one day and I will never answer. Sometimes Scott gets tired of me letting it ring, so he might answer! If you want to talk to me and I don't know your better leave a message...ha!

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