Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Soap Box Thursday..Manipulating God?

This last Sunday our pastor spoke on the Life of Jacob in Genesis, and how Jacob over and over tried to "manipulate" God's Will in his life, with Leah and Rachel. Then with the livestock. The Pastor talked about how we as Christians like to try and manipulate God's Will in our lives. At first, I thought "This doesn't apply to me", however the more I listened the more the Lord nudged me. I think I never realized sometimes in the things I do that I am actually trying to "create" a perfect scenario for God to Bless. But why do I have to "create" anything? Why do I have to "help" God along? The Bible says he promises to take care of us... He will bless us.. He is faithful He never changes. Doesn't God just want our heart, our faithfulness, our trust, our love, our life? I don't think He needs our "help" or our "meddling". For me sometimes, I just need to just be. Just let God be God. All the things I don't understand, or that upset me ect.. Why do I ask God for help and then I am working overtime trying make things work myself!?

Relationships with friends, family, co-workers aren't always easy. Sometimes we ask God for help but then we rely on ourselves to try and fix everything. For me I realize that I can't change people. I can't make people like me, like my family. As much as I want people to see that I really am nice (lol).. I can't make them. I can't help what people assume. So why do I let myself worry about it and try to fix it? Because I am really not trusting God completely.. I think He is pretty sufficient to handle all my burdens and w
ork them out for His good.

Webfetti.comOn Sunday, after church, I was trying to get the kids into their car seats and I prayed quickly asking the Lord to not let me forget what He had impressed upon my heart that morning. With all the craziness of life.. it seems we forget when God gets our attention.

My goal, my desire is to be still and let God be God, knowing that He is Able and He is Just. And He keeps His Word! This is going to be a tough one for work on.

What about you? Do you find yourself trying to "Manipulate" God's Will for your Life?

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Weigh in Wednesday

Well, Finally I have reached my 2nd goal of 40 lbs.
Actually at 41 lbs. Slow slow slow.. but its coming off. Exercised this last week on the treadmill, ate well. I still pretty much eat the same thing. Eggs and coffee for breakfast then tuna or chicken for lunch then dinner of course is whatever I want to eat for an hour. This is all according to the Carbohydrates Addict Diet.

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Diaper Bag

My sister from My Everyday Joys recently sent me a bag she had made. I had asked her if she would make me a diaper bag of sorts. And she came through! I love it. It is a perfect size.. Not huge and not too small. I love that its reversible as well. You'll notice on the side handle is a monogram letter hanging from a ribbon. Well, that was one of the giveaways I had one during Blog Carnival week woo hoo!!

Someday I will teach myself to sew!!!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

HSN Contest!

HSN is having another great contest. Just enter your email and personal information and PLAY their little game. If three like items match up then you win! HSN is giving away $25,000 worth of gift cards and prizes!! Go back and play everyday. I have won free shipping a couple of times and %10 off coupon. Still hoping for a gift card lol. Click here to play!

I am not being paid to post. Just love HSN!! lol Which I have said a million times!!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Soap Box Thursday Wipe Out!

This last Sunday we were on our way into the Church building, just shy of maybe 10 or 15 feet of the door. The church was having water games and all sorts of activity to finish the summer off, so naturally there was water running all over the concrete. Well, I didn't see the water. Is it possible for a human to hydroplane?? I swear that's what I did... or maybe it was because I was wearing "crocks" and they acted as a water skis lol All I know, is that I am holding my son's hand walking then the next minute I am on the ground sitting in a lake of water. I do believe for a few seconds I was stunned. LOL A usher that was standing by the door muttered rather loudly "I knew we should of kept the water off the concrete" I wanted to say "YOU THINK???" lol Well, the humiliation began to set in after a bit, especially when I see all these hands reaching out to help me up. I manage to get my body off the ground and realize I had twisted both ankles, my right knee, wrenched my lower back and right hip!!!! I tried to act like I was fine but I think the limp gave it away. However, I said "Oh I am just fine, I just need to go home and change my clothes" That's right not only was I walking like an invalid but my dress pants from my feet to well to my unmentionables..was completely soaked with water and mud. So we paraded through the front foyer and tried to sneak out the front doors. All the while leaving a wet trail behind me. So consequently we never did get to hear our Pastor speak! I mentioned yesterday on my Weigh In Post that I missed several days of exercise, well now you know why. I am still in pain lol I am sure I just bruised myself. But I was thinking good thing I lost 39 lbs so far LOL otherwise I might of fallen harder.

Well, the reason this makes it into my Soap Box Thursday is because my husband and I were discussing on my soggy way home Sunday how people in general are just not conscious of things or others around them. Not conscious of the environment. I guess I wasn't either considering I didn't see the water lol For instance, at church or at the store people just stop and congregate right in the middle of the aisle. Right where you are trying to walk by. I think its almost like when you see someone you know out shopping all of the sudden everything goes into slow motion and you lose all sense of reality. All you can think of doing is talking..even if you have to completely block an aisle. lol It really drives us nuts. We try to keep moving or if we have to stop and look we try to scoot over so other's can get by. One thing that drives my husband crazy, is when you are in a parking lot and groups of people are standing clustered right in the middle of where you need to drive.. hahah

How do you feel about this? Am I the only one that is annoyed by this? lol

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This is pretty neat!

A Church is putting this on with white gloves, and a black light.

Weigh in Wednesday

No loss this week. I lost a few days of exercise which I will post about tomorrow on "Soap Box Thursday" lol Losing weight is really difficult.. I know "They" say its better if it comes off slowly..but this slow? LOL Oh well, shoot for better numbers next week. I have to confess that the first time since I have started this diet a few months back I cheated on Sunday, due to my son's birthday. Didn't plan on it.. butttttt we ended up eating cake later than I thought.. so I did cheat. I didn't gain. That won't happen again!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dennis the Menace - Soap Box Thursday!

I think my almost 4 year old (in just a few days) boy's middle name is Dennis the Menace! Let me just list the things he has done lately.

  • Flooded the Kitchen Last Week with our Drinking water dispenser and added Green sugar sprinkles to turn the water GREEN (also the carpet). Took me HOURS to clean up
  • Next Day he flooded one of the bathrooms upstairs with my drinking Cup in the sink. Told me he was "cleaning" the bathroom.
  • This Week.. He threw pasta all over the dining area.
  • Last night he knocked my 54 ounce water jug off our high landing. Dumped all over the Stairs.
  • Today he Filled a Rubber maid container up with ice and water and dumped it in the living room telling me that he did that so that his "papa" could put a fish on the ice. hmmm.
  • Put an entire role of toilet paper in the toilet. grrrrr.
  • Then the final straw today was him ripping open the bottom of our HUGE stuffed Rottweiler dog allowing the bits to go everywhere!!!! I mean everywhere.

Why Why Why!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

I am sure you are thinking.. "Well why aren't you watching him?" lol Well I am.. all these things happen in a split second. I am telling you I turn around for one second.. and their is a HUGE MESS! He seems to always have a logical answer for when I question him.

I truly hope this is a PHASE! Maybe it ends when he turns four.. so that would mean I have until Sunday? lol It certainly has been my challenge of late.

What is your Soap Box Story today? Do you have "Dennis the Menace" children? lol

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Weigh in Wednesday

Lost 2 lbs this week. One more and I hit 40lbs woo hoo!! :)

Please feel free to leave a comment or link up with your success!

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Filling out 1000 giveaways is worth it!! lol

I have to post about this Blog Carnival that has taken place the last week or so.. I have to admit that I spent HOURS and I mean HOURS filling out over 1,000 giveaways LOL I know I know I know! lol I got pretty good at it after 500 or so lol Anyhow, I just am so excited and grateful for the giveaways I have won so far! And I want to encourage you to sign up for giveaways because YOU CAN WIN lol Believe me I always feel like I have the worst "luck" and I don't even believe in "luck" go figure lol

So I just wanted to say a BIG Thank you to Dawn from "So A Blonde Walks Into A Review" . She hosted a great giveaway, sponsored by Ellie Bellies. I cannot wait to receive my custom MUG!!

Another BIG Thank you to Flamingo Road Church! They were so generous in their giveaway. I won a $50 gas card. In which my husband is THRILLED about lol :)

And last but not least, another BIG Thank you to Joanna from JoJo's Place for her fun giveaway of Luggage Charms from My Charmed Life. I cannot wait to receive these Charms. They look so neat. I think I will use one for the diaper bag!

Earlier this week I wrote a post about my winning a Gift Certificate to Sweet Hollow Farms hosted by Lady Why. I cannot wait. I ordered hair shampoo bars, soap, and a salve.

I just can't say how much these giveaways meant to me this week. From my son flooding the kitchen GREEN, and flooding the bathroom the next day, and then my back going out yesterday lol These giveaways have been a major BLESSING in disguise! Thanks really!

Soap Box Thursday "Lurkers"!

Soap Box Thursday!

I will have to make this short, because I seem to have wrenched my back or something last night UGH. My husband was very kind to stay home today and help me with the kids. It's always something isn't it? lol

How do you feel about "lurkers"? I mean virtual "lurkers"? People who purpose to lurk? lol People who you know aren't "fans" of you at all but continue to visit your website everyday.. to see what they see.. Of course people can't comment everyday all the time.. but there are those few lol that like to just lurk.

I just don't understand the purpose.. of it really. If you don't like someone or you aren't interested in what they have to say then why visit everyday? It's strange to me.. It seems deliberate..but I hate to assume that.

Do you have trouble with lurkers? Do you mind lurkers? How do you feel about people you know in real life that find your blog and check it just for information? Tell me your thoughts lol

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Going Green?

I wanted to say how excited I was when I found out I won a gift certificate to Sweet Hollow Farms from Lady Why's Blog Contest this last week!! I cannot waitttttttttt to try the soaps and salve out! I just had to say Thank youuuu Again!

I mentioned to Lady Why that this Gift Certificate could not of come at a better time, becauseeee.. earlier that day my lovely almost 4 year old..decided to flood the kitchen and part of the carpeted dining area with our drinking water..he didn't stop there.. he dumped a whole bottle of cookie GREEN sprinkles and mixed it all up.. therefore giving the hard floor a green soppy mess, and it changed the color of my carpet to a bright GREEN. I thought at first it was just sprinkles on the carpet, but when I ran the vacuum over the mess it turn into wide strips of green spreading everywhere ahhhhhh!!!! So I spent a couple of hour steam cleaning and mopping. So to say the least, it was such a blessing to receive this thoughtful gift from Lady Why!!!

These pictures do not even show the half of it.. and Yes, that is a hot dog bun laying in the water.. the other nice addition my son added. Isn't he so creative? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! lol

Point is.. you just never know what people are going through, and how a smile, a kind word, and email will lift their spirits! :)

I will write a post soon after I have tried the cool soaps out!

Weigh in Wednesday

Finally, more than a ONE pound lol!! Perhaps this is just the way my body works.. One week lose nothing the next 3.. Ridiculous!! lol Anyhow I am under 250 and 3 pounds away from 40 lbs woo hoo!! Would be so great to hit my 40lb mark by next week, but I won't hold my breath lol. I have decided however, to post a before and after picture when I hit the 50 lb mark. So 13 lbs away.

Please feel free to leave a comment with your success or failures or link up to my blog with Mr. Linky!!

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Kids Soap!

I found something last week that I now LOVE. Johnson & Johnson Buddie soap bar.. I found a coupon last week for the soap and thought I would give it a try. My almost four year old is having a blast with it..and now is excited to SCRUB!!! The soap bar has a fresh fruity smell and is incased in a small netting of sorts, which I guess allows the soap to last longer. So much easier then a washcloth!!!

Using this coupon , I was actually able to get two bars of soap free (The bars are only 94 cents each) WOO HOO lol

I love deals!!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Make Life Easier with Custom Rubber Stamps!

I am always looking for ways these days to make things easier for myself. Between running after the kids and trying to be a housewife...anything that will make life easier I am all for! I just found a website that will design Rubber Stamps for you. I am talking options here! From your return address, to sayings, to "bills paid", or even your signature, they will design just about whatever you need. When I think about all the time I spend writing out our return address on envelopes or signing things my word, a custom design rubber stamp would be amazing!!

If you have a logo or design your prefer, just upload your file to the site and Wah Lah its done! Or if you would rather, there are many templates available. There is a choice of Red, Black, or Blue Ink. One thing I think is pretty neat is you get at least 5000 stamp uses out of one stamp! Talk about convenient! Right now there is a great sale going on for the Rubber Stamps. Just use this code Stamps50 for 50% Off Small Rubber Stamps!

Make life a little easier on yourself, and hurry over to check out the Rubber Stamps sale!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Winners for the DVD Movies!!!!

Congratulations "Rose"!! You won the Left Behind DVD and CD

Rose said...

I would like the Left Behind DVD. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Congratulations "Alyce"!! You won the Jane Eyre DVD

Alyce said...

I would like to win the Jane Eyre dvd. Thanks for entering me in your giveaway!

I have emailed you both for your information!

Thanks everyone for participating in my giveaway! This was so fun!!! Please visit my blog again! :)

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A little about me...

It is that time again!!!! I am thinking of attempting to lose weight for the 100 millionth time. haha. This time I know it will work :)

In November of 2007, I gave birth to my second child, a C-Section. Not only did that put me back physically, but I also developed high blood pressure. I am only 29. Talk about discouraging.

I started gaining weight in highschool. Seems to have followed me everywhere. My ultimate goal is to lose 120 lbs but I'll settle for 10 right now. haha.

There is absolutely no reason why I cannot succeed in this weight loss endeavor. I have exercise equipment. I guess that means I have to use it. Also, I am going to attempt the Carbohydrates Addict Diet. I have had some success with this in the past.

So I am thinking, with putting my progress out for the world to see.. it will force me to make the right choices. Let's hope!! Feel free to comment on anything or tell your story. It's always encouraging to hear about others successes. Join me on this weight loss journey...

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