Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dennis the Menace - Soap Box Thursday!

I think my almost 4 year old (in just a few days) boy's middle name is Dennis the Menace! Let me just list the things he has done lately.

  • Flooded the Kitchen Last Week with our Drinking water dispenser and added Green sugar sprinkles to turn the water GREEN (also the carpet). Took me HOURS to clean up
  • Next Day he flooded one of the bathrooms upstairs with my drinking Cup in the sink. Told me he was "cleaning" the bathroom.
  • This Week.. He threw pasta all over the dining area.
  • Last night he knocked my 54 ounce water jug off our high landing. Dumped all over the Stairs.
  • Today he Filled a Rubber maid container up with ice and water and dumped it in the living room telling me that he did that so that his "papa" could put a fish on the ice. hmmm.
  • Put an entire role of toilet paper in the toilet. grrrrr.
  • Then the final straw today was him ripping open the bottom of our HUGE stuffed Rottweiler dog allowing the bits to go everywhere!!!! I mean everywhere.

Why Why Why!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

I am sure you are thinking.. "Well why aren't you watching him?" lol Well I am.. all these things happen in a split second. I am telling you I turn around for one second.. and their is a HUGE MESS! He seems to always have a logical answer for when I question him.

I truly hope this is a PHASE! Maybe it ends when he turns four.. so that would mean I have until Sunday? lol It certainly has been my challenge of late.

What is your Soap Box Story today? Do you have "Dennis the Menace" children? lol

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beth said...

Ha...okay...I am trying not to laugh because I know this is frustrating to you. is kind of funny just because he seems to have logical reasoning behind it all. I laughed out loud about the mess in the bathroom when he said he was "cleaning". I’m sure this is just a stage. Maybe he will get better about “getting into to stuff”…but without a mess. I will pray for a few days off from messes…you need a break!

Gina said...

Great post, I have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old who are "Dennis the Menace" children as well....

I wanted to stop by to say thanks for sending along the T&P's. Things are moving, Rodney has a few interviews (2nd interviews) I just hope they turn out well and move us in the right direction.
Thanks again for the continued T&P's.

beth said...

I tagged you! Check out my blog for the rules :)

Tania said...

sorry I tagged you too. Check out my blog for the rules. But don't really.

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