Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Soap Box Thursday Wipe Out!

This last Sunday we were on our way into the Church building, just shy of maybe 10 or 15 feet of the door. The church was having water games and all sorts of activity to finish the summer off, so naturally there was water running all over the concrete. Well, I didn't see the water. Is it possible for a human to hydroplane?? I swear that's what I did... or maybe it was because I was wearing "crocks" and they acted as a water skis lol All I know, is that I am holding my son's hand walking then the next minute I am on the ground sitting in a lake of water. I do believe for a few seconds I was stunned. LOL A usher that was standing by the door muttered rather loudly "I knew we should of kept the water off the concrete" I wanted to say "YOU THINK???" lol Well, the humiliation began to set in after a bit, especially when I see all these hands reaching out to help me up. I manage to get my body off the ground and realize I had twisted both ankles, my right knee, wrenched my lower back and right hip!!!! I tried to act like I was fine but I think the limp gave it away. However, I said "Oh I am just fine, I just need to go home and change my clothes" That's right not only was I walking like an invalid but my dress pants from my feet to well to my unmentionables..was completely soaked with water and mud. So we paraded through the front foyer and tried to sneak out the front doors. All the while leaving a wet trail behind me. So consequently we never did get to hear our Pastor speak! I mentioned yesterday on my Weigh In Post that I missed several days of exercise, well now you know why. I am still in pain lol I am sure I just bruised myself. But I was thinking good thing I lost 39 lbs so far LOL otherwise I might of fallen harder.

Well, the reason this makes it into my Soap Box Thursday is because my husband and I were discussing on my soggy way home Sunday how people in general are just not conscious of things or others around them. Not conscious of the environment. I guess I wasn't either considering I didn't see the water lol For instance, at church or at the store people just stop and congregate right in the middle of the aisle. Right where you are trying to walk by. I think its almost like when you see someone you know out shopping all of the sudden everything goes into slow motion and you lose all sense of reality. All you can think of doing is talking..even if you have to completely block an aisle. lol It really drives us nuts. We try to keep moving or if we have to stop and look we try to scoot over so other's can get by. One thing that drives my husband crazy, is when you are in a parking lot and groups of people are standing clustered right in the middle of where you need to drive.. hahah

How do you feel about this? Am I the only one that is annoyed by this? lol

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beth said...

You poor thing! I HATE it when stuff like that happens! And yes, it does annoy me when people just stand right in the way. I am right on this with you!

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