Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Soap Box Thursday..Manipulating God?

This last Sunday our pastor spoke on the Life of Jacob in Genesis, and how Jacob over and over tried to "manipulate" God's Will in his life, with Leah and Rachel. Then with the livestock. The Pastor talked about how we as Christians like to try and manipulate God's Will in our lives. At first, I thought "This doesn't apply to me", however the more I listened the more the Lord nudged me. I think I never realized sometimes in the things I do that I am actually trying to "create" a perfect scenario for God to Bless. But why do I have to "create" anything? Why do I have to "help" God along? The Bible says he promises to take care of us... He will bless us.. He is faithful He never changes. Doesn't God just want our heart, our faithfulness, our trust, our love, our life? I don't think He needs our "help" or our "meddling". For me sometimes, I just need to just be. Just let God be God. All the things I don't understand, or that upset me ect.. Why do I ask God for help and then I am working overtime trying make things work myself!?

Relationships with friends, family, co-workers aren't always easy. Sometimes we ask God for help but then we rely on ourselves to try and fix everything. For me I realize that I can't change people. I can't make people like me, like my family. As much as I want people to see that I really am nice (lol).. I can't make them. I can't help what people assume. So why do I let myself worry about it and try to fix it? Because I am really not trusting God completely.. I think He is pretty sufficient to handle all my burdens and w
ork them out for His good.

Webfetti.comOn Sunday, after church, I was trying to get the kids into their car seats and I prayed quickly asking the Lord to not let me forget what He had impressed upon my heart that morning. With all the craziness of life.. it seems we forget when God gets our attention.

My goal, my desire is to be still and let God be God, knowing that He is Able and He is Just. And He keeps His Word! This is going to be a tough one for work on.

What about you? Do you find yourself trying to "Manipulate" God's Will for your Life?

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Marc said...

Oh my word, Tara. This is exactly what the Lord is working on me with. My new favorite passage is Lam. 3:22-26. I get choked up everytime I read it (hormones?lol), but it shows God's absolute faithfulness. It says to hope and wait on Him quietly. Not my strong point... Thanks for the encouragement! -TaraG

Anonymous said...

My husband and I would love love love to have a log cabin. I would always think, I'm going to refurbish old furniture and collect antiques, when we get our cabin. Or I'd love to make or decorate with this or that when we get our cabin. Then one day it dawned on me, why am I waiting? Why can't I do those things now? Why do I have to wait until we have a cabin?

I'm minimizing it a little with my cabin illustration but it's true of so many things in life. If God places the desire/dream within you, don't wait or try to manipulate circumstances. Just start living it!

I really needed the reminder about relationships. I have a rocky relationship with my mom. I'm always try to fix it or please her. My husband reminds me all the time that I have to do what is right and what I know in my heart is God's will. You reminded me that God can work things out with her far better than I can. Thanks.

Amanda T.

beth said...

Tara...going through the same thing over here! YES! I am so bad about this! Thank you for being real with are an encouragement to me!

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I started gaining weight in highschool. Seems to have followed me everywhere. My ultimate goal is to lose 120 lbs but I'll settle for 10 right now. haha.

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