Thursday, September 11, 2008


I received an email this morning from my Aunt. It was a 9/11 memorial tribute forward with pictures of that day. One we have all seen a million times or more. I clicked the slide show option and begun to watch the events of September 11th unfold with each picture. I must of been engrossed in the process, as I was surprised to hear my son's voice so close asking me "Mommy what is that picture of?" I didn't realize he had entered the office. The photo he was referring to was the one of the twin towers just after the planes hit. With all the smoke pouring out the sides. I contemplated for a moment on how I was going to explain and "if" I would explain.

I told him that years ago before he was born, that planes hit the tall buildings in New York and made them fall down. He looked at the picture some more .. then back at my face. "But Why did
they fall down? Why did the planes hit them?" Naturally, with one answered question comes the rapid fire of 100 more curious ones.

I decided not to go into detail and scare him. He is a smart little guy. He really seems to think and analyze I thought it best not to explain about terrorist ect.

I thought wow.. you know, this is something in history now. This day is sketched deep in the veins of America now. We will be forced to remember to tell our children and our grandchildren what "we" remember about that day.

We have so much to be thankful for.. We live in a country that is free.. that was founded on Biblical principals. I understand that we have strayed far from our foundation, and that times it feels like the United States will just explode with all its corruption, however, when I realize how God has continued to bless our country in spite of.. I realize how truly grateful I should be.

We need to give the Men and Women in the Military our respect our gratitude. Nothing is more infuriating when the media, the politicians, the protesters belittle our troops. To destroy their spirits and hope. Think of it this way.. Would you be willing to fight for your own freedom...for your neighbors?

We need to pray for our country. Pray for our President. Pray for this election.

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beth said...

Great post, Tara! Thank you!

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