Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Soap Box Thursday "Blow Out"

Last week we left for a weekend getaway. Our destination was only 5 hours away so we drove. About 3 hours into our trip, our front right tire exploded, causing my husband to steer our out of control mini van over to the shoulder of the interstate. Nearly five minutes before, I had climbed to the back to check on my infant daughter.. taking her from her car seat because she was so upset. I intended to change her diaper and put her back in her seat. At that moment was when I felt the van drive crazily and the bumping of the shoulder grid jolted us into the luggage in the back. I immediately had regretted my decision to take my daughter from her seat, but at the same time was so thankful we were alright.

Our tire was pretty much shot, as you will notice in the picture. And being out in the hot desert sun, it didn't make it any easier for my husband to change a tire on our new van.. in fact it took both of us to read the manual to figure out where the spare tire was hidden.

Of course cars drove by blasting us with the side wind of 70 miles an hour, not one person pausing to stop. I had some time to think as my husband struggled with the tire..the sound of the kids whining, the whiz of cars, the grunts of my husband, seem to drown out as I started thinking about how quickly things in life can change. How one little decision can send your whole life spinning. I know I know it was only a flat tire.. but what if it was more than that.. what if my husband couldn't control the car and we flipped.. God was taking care of us.. Even as a christian, I have do have a peace that passes all understanding.. seeded deep in my heart, my soul.. however, there is a small part of me that reacts with a fear of the 'what ifs?'

Not too many years ago, we were on vacation, visiting family and friends. We were driving down a mountainous ravine in Wyoming. The roads were dirt or should I say deep MUD from the rain. This was pretty rugged so there were no guard rails. I was pregnant at the time, and our little PT Cruiser was too light weight to handle all the mud. I remember feeling that "fear" creep up when we slid close to the side of the mountain.. That intense fear that life could be over in an instant. We made it to our destination but not with out my tears, and trembling.

Most of my family and friends half way laughed..and thought me silly or that it was my pregnancy hormones that sent me into such a emotional response. Perhaps that had something to do with it.. but that sense of "fear" or "dread" was very real. It was what I felt. Perhaps they didn't but it was "real" to me.

I think that often times in life, people who don't share an experience, or aren't where you are in life, whatever the case my be, tend to be more critical, sarcastic, and unkind of your situation. Perhaps we all need to be a bit more understanding and gracious to those around us.. perhaps showing a bit more compassion. Don't worry I am talking to myself just as much!!! :)

Can you relate? I don't mind comments one bit, in fact... its kind of nice actually! lol Or you are welcome to link your own Soap Box Thursday Post with Mr. Linky below!


Tania said...

*gulp* I think I was one of those people who laughed, but I do understand better now as I am such a "fraidy cat".
Good post!

Monica said...

Wow! How horribly scary. Yes, one decision can change life forever. I have a couple that I went to college with....the mom was taking the three older kids in the house after church and groceries to get a nap. Dad was unpacking groceries and then was to get the sleeping 1.5 yr old. He forgot! She died. This was just three weeks ago. One little decision not to get the baby out before unpacking changed their lives forever!

I am soooo glad you are safe

beth said...

I am just like you...I would have panicked! I will say…I am one of those people who would not stop for someone. Not because I don’t care…just because I am too scared of people these days. I am afraid to sell a car because I worry that when a buyer is test driving it he is really just setting me up to kidnap me or something. I always feel bad for those on the road broken down or whatever, but I am too scared to stop. I am glad you guys were okay though!

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