Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Soap Box Thursday "Voting for What is Right"

I normally wouldn't put a video of my son, but I thought it was so cute and went well with my theme today.

I heard one of the most recent things being tossed around between the Democrat and Republican parties was that Sarah Palin's only qualification for VP was that she hadn't had an abortion! I don't think it matters which side of the political party you hail from to make a statement like that about anyone is pretty awful. I realize things will only get worse.. I'd so much rather deal with the facts. If you are a liar... then you are a liar.. you know? If you are a thief then you are a thief! If you took ear marks then you took ear marks.. I just don't get all this rhetoric! It drives me bonkers!

I will admit that I am an avid Fox News Fan lol I know I know I can hear the "boos" lol Which I do believe is where my four year old is getting his opinions on politics! lol I really try to stay up on the current events, and try to follow where this crazy election process is going.

It doesn't seem like we get anywhere with all this back and forth stuff.. or as I like to refer to the "ping pong" effect. You know when you argue with your husband and you say "Why don't you pick up your clothes?" and he says "Why aren't the dishes done?" lol That's the ping pong effect. I hate it!!! lol

I am interested in the candidates! I am interested in who they are as a person..and where they stand on every issue. I do believe what you do behind closed doors will eventually affect what you do openly. I have heard some of the ladies on
The View say the opposite. That they feel it doesn't matter what you do behind closed doors, i.e. an affair ect.. it doesn't affect what you do professionally. Oh how wrong that is!!! Perhaps in the beginning you can get away with your "secrets" but they always come out... in some way or another.

What made me put my son's video clip up? Well I started thinking.. his little mind of course cannot grasp the whole idea of politics..and all the cheating, lying, ect.. He thinks of it as 'this' or 'that'. It's very simple to him. He chooses John McCain and Sarah Palin lol It is so important we have someone in the White House, who has our best interest in mind. Who will take care of this country and the future of our kids.. Everything they see.. everything they hear and witness, molds and shapes them into who they will be one day.

Voting in November is not just for our peace of mind but for our children's future...

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Tania said...

I agree! Because of all of the rhetoric and mud slinging I can barely listen to the speeches. It is just to exhausting and often a waste of time. That video is so cute! I love it!

beth said...

Ugh...I am so sick of the news! I agree on the Fox news thing...the one I watch most. I get so sick of some of the other stations. They are so bias it is not even funny! I may have to post my own soapbox about this because it will take me far too long to explain my feelings! I can't get your video to work right now. I will have to watch it later.

We are THAT Family said...

Hey, you won!

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