Friday, October 31, 2008

Financially Free Friday

About a week or so ago, I wrote a post about this fabulous Target deal I found on clearance for 14.99 down from 59.99. It was going to be the best deal of the century or so I thought. Take a good look at this fabulous Ice Cream Machine....

Well, I need to tell you a secret...

It's not so fabulous... lol After about 4 or 5 times now trying to successfully make a wonderful batch of ice cream.. I am about to take the machine and stuff it down the garbage disposal!!!!!! First of all, the directions say to keep the main part in the freezer no less then 24 hours before use, ok I did that and even longer.. Second, it goes on to say in 20 minutes or so you will have soft served ice cream or slushy drink. hmmm How about 1 hour or more. And the Noise.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh it drives my family crazy. I am sad to say that I jumped the Frugal Bandwagon on this one.. it is definitely not all its cracked up to be.. and I do believe this lovely machine has lost its counter privilege. Off to the closet it will go!

Lesson learned.. Not everything on clearance is a Frugal buy! lol

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Aloha Friday

An Island Life is hosting Aloha Friday.. I thought it would be fun to participate. All you have to do is answer the question I ask by leaving a comment. Then click over to An Island Life and link up to Aloha Friday with your own question!

An Island Life asked this Question:

How does your family celebrate Halloween?

My Answer is:

At this point we have no plans. However, if it is a repeat of last year...we will keep most of the lights off..and peer thru the windows into the shadowy streets watching all the kids go by in their costumes lol I might have to encourage my hubby to take us out for the evening!

My Question for you is: (Get Ready its deep! lol)

Do you believe that the people and things you associate yourself with reflect who you are or define your character?  

I personally think that everything you do in life is a reflection of who you are or who you are striving to be.  You can't repeatedly go to and ice cream shop every Friday and then someone says to you .."you must love ice cream" and you say "oh no what makes you say that.  just because i go there has nothing to do with my liking ice cream.  in fact I don't ever taste the stuff.  I go there to watch others eat ice cream."  lol  I know kind of a dumb illustration buttttt I think the point is somewhere in there.  

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Soap Box Thursday "My Son"

My Soap Box this week is about my 4 year old son lol.  We subscribe to Netflix.  And my son is a genius with computers, and we believe has some what of a photographic memory.  Anyhow, if any of you are familiar with how Netflix works is that you have a movie Queue, where you put all the movies you would like to receive by mail in order of importance.   Ok, so the last three weeks I am expecting a certain movie to arrive, one in particular is the Latest Indiana Jones Movie.  And every time I get a Netflix in the Mail it is not the one I want.  It is a children's movie(i.e. Dora).  lol  So I uncovered the mystery.  It is my son!  My four year old son, figured out how to get into my Netflix account, pick a movie, and move it to the number one spot in the Queue.  AHHHHHHHHHHHH lol  So tomorrow I am expecting another movie in which I do NOT Want lol  So we have finally put a lock down on all the computers.  We hope he will NOT figure out the new passwords lol

Feel free to link up below with Mr. Linky with your own (clean) Soap Box.  It can be about politics, work, family, anything! Just as long as its clean Please!! 


Waiting to Weigh In!

I am taking a break from Weigh In Wednesday. Don't all cry at once lol But I am changing some things around here.. and I would like to jump start myself in many ways.. I am still on my weight loss journey.. just rearranging life! :) So I will be back soon with my Weigh Ins! For those (you know who you are lol) who just get on to see what my progress is so you have something to talk about.. well you won't have much to talk about for a while lol

Keep up the good work on all your weight loss!

Doll Toy Caboose Giveaway!

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls is hosting an awesome giveaway!!! Joovy is giving one lucky reader a Doll Toy Caboose!
Go check it out and enter the contest at Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls.

Shock Coffee Giveaway!

...AND EVERYTHING ELSE is having a giveaway!! She is offering a sample coffee pack from Shock Coffee. Which includes:

Energy Blend Ground Coffee, Organic Blend Ground Coffee, Shock Triple Mocha, Shock Triple Latte, Shock-A-Lots, and a Shock Coffee Ceramic Mug!

If you love coffee and need a jolt lol head over to ...AND EVERYTHING ELSE and sign up!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Twilight Blog Giveaway!

**This Giveaway is now closed. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and entering**

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

It's here again!!! The Blog Carnival Giveaway!!!! I had so much fun earlier this year participating, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

I have talked about the book Twilight written by Stephenie Meyers, a great deal. I even have countdown Twilight Widgets on my sidebar lol. I absolutely love the Twilight series. If you would of told me what the book was about before I read it, I think I probably wouldn't of given it a chance lol.

So instead of me ruining the storyline I will send you here to read part of the first chapter.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

This is an incredible costume giveaway for a little girl.  A beautiful gown handmade.  Click here Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!! to enter!!!  

Need a Break!

I will be taking a week off ..  no posts this week for me! I will be back next week!  

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stroller Giveaway!

Parents With Style is hosting an incredible giveaway!!! A Chicco Trevi Twin Stroller!

Just a few of the stroller's features:
Lightweight, aluminum frame weighs only 23 lbs!
Multi-position, individually adjustable seats & leg supports
All-wheel suspension and front swivel wheels with locks
Individually adjustable canopies, large storage baskets, and parent cup holder
Five-point safety harnesses with thickly padded shoulder straps
Compact, one-hand activated, umbrella style folding
Automatic storage latch and carry handle
For use from Birth up to 40 lbs in each seat
The Chicco Trevi Twin has a light-weight aluminum frame weighing only 23 lbs.

Hurry and head over to Parents With Style and Enter the Chicco Trevi Twin Stroller Contest that ends October 31st!

Giveaway at An Island Life - DVD Collection!

An Island Life is hosting a great giveaway!!! The complete set of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Complete Series (in a leather bound edition)!!!!

"After Michaela Quinn’s father dies, she decides to follow in her father’s footsteps by leaving the big city and traveling to a small town called Colorado Springs. Here the citizens are not used to a female doctor and she finds life a little difficult as they all strive to get used to this new life. Add love interest Byron Sully and the unexpected responsibility of raising three orphaned children and you’ll find yourself hooked on this captivating series. They just don’t make them like this anymore.

From the site: “Now for the first time, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Complete Seriesbrings together all six critically-acclaimed seasons and two feature-length movies of this groundbreaking historical drama.

Acclaimed for both its painstaking historical authenticity and its ongoing contemporary relevance, the Emmy Award-winning Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Complete Series unites each and every moment of one of television’s most celebrate family classics.

The attractive leather-bound case features a full-color image on the face and seals shut with a leather cord wrapped around the metal knob on the front, completing the look meant to remind us of an antique book. These DVDs are sure to entertain a whole new generation of viewers as much as they did on TV when they first aired a decade ago. Any owner will be proud to display this case in their home.”


  • Interactive Menus
  • Scene Selection
  • 42 discs; 7,580+ minutes; over 126 hours of entertainment
  • DVDs are stored in a leather-bound collector’s edition folio
  • Full-screen format
  • US and Canada only; region 1
  • DVD mega-set is available for $229.95"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aloha Friday

An Island Life is hosting Aloha Friday.. I thought it would be fun to participate. All you have to do is answer the question I ask by leaving a comment. Then click over to An Island Life and link up to Aloha Friday with your own question!

An Island Life asked this Question:

What's your special talent?

My Answer is:

I have a lot of things I enjoy doing, but nothing I that I do, can I call exceptional! lol I am a work in progress! (crochet, baking, cake decorating)

My Question for you is:

Do you exercise in the Morning, Afternoon, or Evening? Or do you exercise lol

I try whenever I can. With kids.. my days are so unpredictable!!! Normally, I exercise late at night!

Financially Free Friday

I miss having Frugal Friday!!! lol It is so fun to read how everyone saves money through shopping, or making homemade cleaning supplies, or starting home businesses!

I thought perhaps I would give anyone an opportunity to link up their blog here this week..and leave your Frugal tip! Just make sure to link back to my blog!

Suppose I should call it something else, lest I be in contempt of copyright. lol So we shall call it Financially Free Friday! lol (Had to come up with something!)

My Frugal Tip:

I discovered this great idea from Adventures of Pip and Squeak from Works for me Wednesday! I had to write a post because it actually worked lol
How to make homemade baby wipes!

You need 1 Bounty Paper Towel Roll cut in half (the best paper towels are the half sheet size)
2 cups of water
2 TBLS each of Baby Lotion, Baby Soap, or Baby oil. (Pick 2 of the 3)
1 airtight container (I used a tall lock n' lock container.  It has a great seal)

Boil 2 cups of water, then add 2TBLS of 2 of the 3 choices above. Stir until dissolved. Put your Half roll of Paper Towel into the container. Then pour the liquid over the paper towels in the container. Put the lid on, and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then turn it upside down for 5 more minutes. Take the lid off and pull out the brown center piece from the paper towels and pull the middle paper towel out. It works great.Wah la its done!!!!

Evidently it is .015 cents to make homemade opposed to store bought for .035 cents per wipe.

I love these kind of tips. Again this was not my tip. I am just displaying my finished product that I am SO proud of lol.

Please feel free to link your "frugal" tip below with Mr. Linky!!!

Wordless Wednesday (Day late)

I went into my sons room a few minutes ago and saw this Apple sitting in his play microwave! Thought it was so cute!

For more Wordless Wednesdays Head over to 5 minute moms.

Soap Box Thursday! The Final Debate!

This post is political in nature and is not meant to offend.  Just voicing my OWN opinion.  

Well my goodness, What a debate last night!  I was literally nervous as the debate began lol  I was really happy with John McCain's aggressive talk.  It is about time.. he stands up for himself and his policies and really confront Obama with the issues! 

I really watched this time.. I watched facial expressions and watched carefully how they answered questions.  I really felt (this is only my opinion) that Obama is a master manipulator with words.  My goodness, how he can sugar coat things.  And he has a way of scooting around the accusations thrown his way.   

I felt even more distrust towards Obama after watching last nights debate.  Goodness, I just want this election over with and the right man in the white house!!!

I welcome comments, and please if you have a soap box story of your own, link up below with mr linky! :)  

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weigh In Wednesday!

It's starting to look like "Ground Hog Day" with my weight not changing!  I think I know what the problem is.  I need to curtail my Dinner "hour" and up my exercise.  I haven't been as consistent in my exercise lately.. which makes sense why I haven't been losing the last few weeks. grrr.  

Please post about your success or link up below with Mr Linky.

Don't forget tomorrow is Soap Box Thursday!   Also, Friday I am going to host Financially Free Friday.  Since "Frugal Friday" is on vacation I decided to go ahead and host my own for a bit lo

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Target Deals!!!

I am sooo excited.  Another great Target deal.  This last weekend.. we ran to Target.  After about an hour there, I was ready to go home.  The kids were going crazy and my feet were aching lol   My husband started walking down the kitchen appliance aisle.  I was irritated at first because I wanted to leave!!!! wahhh lol  Then he called me over and showed me this Ice Cream maker.  This machine along with several other appliances were on major clearance.  The normal price was 59.99.  Guess how much it was????   14.99!!!!  I was suddenly invigorated and my feet were no longer sore as I helped my husband stuff the large box into the cart. lol   It not only makes soft serve ice cream, in which you pull the lever down and wonderful creamy ice cream comes flowing out, but it also makes yummy fruity smoothies, or slushies.  

Another great deal at Target!!! :)

For more tips click here!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Financially Free Fridays!

I miss having Frugal Friday!!! lol It is so fun to read how everyone saves money through shopping, or making homemade cleaning supplies, or starting home businesses!

I thought perhaps I would give anyone an opportunity to link up their blog here this week..and leave your Frugal tip!  Just make sure to link back to my blog!  

Suppose I should call it something else, lest I be in contempt of copyright. lol So we shall call it Financially Free Friday! lol (Had to come up with something!)

My Frugal Tip:

I am practicing for my sisters Wedding Reception Cake. We decided her cake would be covered with Fondant! Of course I have never worked with Fondant before. So I have much practice ahead of me. I found that making my own Fondant was 10 times more cost affective and much tastier then the store bought "stuff". The pictures to the side are just a couple of practice attempts lol (don't laugh too hard lol)

Here is the recipe I used for the homemade Fondant! Click

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aloha Friday!

An Island Life is hosting Aloha Friday.. I thought it would be fun to participate. All you have to do is answer the question I ask by leaving a comment. Then click over to An Island Life and link up to Aloha Friday with your own question!

An Island Life asked this Question:

What are you and/or your children dressing up as for Halloween?

My Answer is:

We never celebrated Halloween growing up and now with my own family I have just carried on that tradition.  However, I think it would be fun to dress up in a costume! lol   If we celebrated I think my son would love to be a superhero of some kind!  

My Question for you:    

Do you divide the holidays up with family?  Do you try and make all the relatives happy or do you stay home?  

My Answer:   We have tried in the past to divide the holidays up with family.. but our families are large..and far apart that it becomes more difficult each year.  We try and convince family to come to our place lol  

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Soap Box Thursday! Food Waste!

Do you ever bake a pie, or put all the dinner leftovers away, or having dough chilling in the refrigerator?  Have you ever gone the next day to find that one of these or all gone? lol 

Well, I have lol  My husband is really great.  He loves to clean and keep things organized.  Sometimes "TOO MUCH" lol  He is constantly cleaning out the refrigerator.. and as much as I appreciate his attentiveness to the cleanliness of the refrigerator, I can hardly stand it when he throws food away that I just put on the shelf. ahhhhhhhhhhh! lol  

I will ask him where such and such is..and he will say.. "Oh I think it was bad, besides it was taking up room" lol  I told him this last time.. no more.. refrigerator cleaning is off limits to him!  

What is your Soap Box today?  
Leave a comment or link your blog below to mister linky.

Holiday Confusion lol

Hmm Wonder What We did this weekend..   My husband loves Christmas lol

For more WW's head over to 5 Minute Mom (

Weigh In Wednesday

No loss this week!  How is everyone else doing?   

(Tomorrow is Soap Box Thursday)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Custom T-Shirts!

With Christmas just around the corner, it is time once again to think about gifts for family and friends.  I happen to think that homemade or personalized gifts are absolutely wonderful to give and receive.  The idea of pictures personalized on calendars, magnets, cards, or t-shirts is a great way to show family and friends how much you care about them. 

Vista Print is offering 25% off their custom t-shirts . These shirts are high quality, 100% preshrunk cotton, and come in either long or short sleeve.  Available in sizes Small to XXL, and also available in white, black, and ash gray.  Vista Print makes it so easy to upload and design your own custom t-shirts. All you need to do is first, select a template then add your own logo or photo and your are all set. If you prefer to have Vista Print do all the "thinking" for you, their great design team will design a custom t-shirts for you. How easy is that?

Whether you make just one for a family member or you have hundreds designed to promote your business,
Vista Print makes it so simple, you won't be disappointed. Go check out Vista Prints sales on business, cards
magnets, checks, brochures, stamps, wall calendars, holiday cards, and custom t-shirts.

Make sure to use this coupon code TShirts25 when checking out at to receive your 25% offyour custom t-shirts.

99 Cent Deals!

I love the 99 cent store!!!!!!  lol  Everytime we take a trip there I come away with treasures!  They have beautiful pillow covers for 99 cents that I could not pass up.   I had some inexpensive pillows that were arranged on our couch, but adding these new pillow cases really put a beautiful "pop" of color in our living room.   I think I have to go back and get more lol.  

For more tips click here  (sorry for the full link my computer is acting weird again lol)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Reward Your Business!

It seems like everywhere we look these days online there are adds here and there. Advertising everything from dating services to places to download coupons. I often wonder how neat it would be to have my own business flashing on an Ad for all to see. Think of the possibilities of driving the right kind of people to your online business.

I have come across so many Mom's in the blogging world with online home businesses. Most seem to just advertise on their own blog. There is a great amount of work that goes into setting up a business let alone trying to figure out how to market your products. There is an amazing company called Network Solutions that offers a online system called pay per click. The purpose of pay per click is to get new customers, alot of customers to your business site, get more phone calls and email inquires about your business, which in turn allows your business to grow!

When using the pay per click feature at Network Solutions you will great service such as:

  • A PPC campaign manager dedicated to your account
  • Phone consultation to discuss your business
  • Research on keywords related to your business
  • Ad creation and ad placement in Google® and Yahoo!®
  • Daily monitoring and tracking with customizable reports

The great thing is you don't have to do any work if you don't want to. They will do all the keyword search connections for you. They are experts in their field. More traffic, more sales, better business equals a Happier You! Try out pay per click, your customers will thank you!


Who watched the VP Debate last night???? I think it was definitely built up... to only leave us waiting for the hat to fall. I heard earlier this week on the news, that the Democratic Campaign was building Sarah Palin up, using the words "Greatest debater of all times". Evidently this strategy was to put her so far up with expectation that we would all surely be disappointed in watching the debates.

I can't say that I was disappointed, per say, however, I do wish there was more of a fight. Sarah Palin did an excellent job and Joe Biden did well. But there was so much back and forth of "No that's not true" or "He did or he didn't vote for this or that" that my head was spinning. How can everyone have the FACTS and everyone be wrong??

Even though Sarah Palin, obviously does not have the experience to be VP, I do believe I would much rather lean towards a candidate who is honest, moral, forthright, with good character, and courage. Sarah Palin to me embodies those characteristics. She is not perfect... SURPRISE!! But I think her honesty, or courage to do the RIGHT thing when it may not be so popular is a great deal more reassuring then someone who follows the jangling sound of "change" in the corporate pockets and lobbyist.

Just my thoughts!!! :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How Fast Are You?

I don't know about you or your husband, but I happen to have a husband who absolutely loves sports. Not just baseball or football, but anything that ESPN can squeeze into a time slot, my husband considers a sport! He has been active his entire life from playing in soccer, baseball, and softball leagues, to coaching high school soccer teams. It is always about how fast he ran or how far he hit the ball. Whether it was a triple or a double..obviously I hardly know the difference! Many times he has mentioned the need or want for a sports radar gun. So he could accurately know how "manly" his hit was! ha!

Radar Sports is a fantastic company that offers Sports and Traffic Radar Guns As much fun as it would be for me to own a Traffic Radar Gun, I think a Sports Radar Gun would much better suit us. They have radar guns for everything from Baseball, Softball, Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, and even Car Racing. (another one of my husbands enjoyments).

Radar Sports offers very competitive prices for all kinds of budgets. Since my husband is not a PRO we definitely wouldn't need the state of the art sport radar guns they offer. However, the SRA 3000 Tracer Radar Gun seems to be a good affordable choice for us. The SRA3000 comes with a soft case and a speed range of 5 mph to 199 mph, and a 1 year warranty!

All the radar guns offered, whether they are for sports or traffic use are made in the USA, which I think is awesome, and all come with FREE shipping! I think I need to go nudge my husband off the couch and show him these Sports and Traffic Radar Guns . Christmas might come early this year!

Aloha Friday - Merry Christmas?

An Island Life is hosting Aloha Friday.. I thought it would be fun to participate. All you have to do is answer the question I ask by leaving a comment. Then click over to An Island Life and link up to Aloha Friday with your own question!

An Island Life Asked this Question: Why did you start Blogging?

My Answer: My sister (at My Everyday Joys Blog) encouraged me to start my own blog. And with my wanting to lose weight I felt that blogging would be a great outlet for writing and receiving encouragement!

My Question is:

When do you put your Christmas Tree and Decorations up?

We well, lol my husband loves Christmas so much that for the past few years it has gone up after Halloween lol But this year he is pushing for this weekend lol I'll let you know Monday who wins the Christmas Tree War lol

Frame Your Face in Style

My husband wears eyeglasses, well he is suppose to more often then he does. Because it is not a major priority he doesn't seem to care if the frames are update and stylish. I would really like him to take a look at Not only do they have amazing prices, frames starting at $8, but they have a wide selection of stylish, complimentary eyeglasses frames for any face. Their selection of prescription frames include single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens.

All of the ZenniOptical Frames including the $8 frames come with many free features:

*High quality stylish frame

*Thin and Light 1.57 index lens

*Anti Scratch Coating

*Full UV Protection

*Lens edge polishing and beveling

*Quality Hard Eyeglass case

*Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth

*Full Guarantee

My husband and I are avid Fox News watchers and frames are highly recommended by the network. Also, the U.S. talk radio host consumer advocate program The Clark Howard Show also puts in a good word for ZenniOptical. With such high praise from well known organizations, good prices, and fantastic selection, I can't think of one reason that you or my husband shouldn't head over to and check out their prescription eyeglasses frames today.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Soap Box Thursday - Scripture Confrontations

Does it bother you when people use Scripture...Bible verses to be right? To make you look bad? I have found that you can almost find a scripture to back up almost anything you decide is right or wrong. Scripture read out of context can be twisted and manipulated to fit pretty much whatever you would like it to.

I find it interesting when people use scripture to point out things in you that they are just sure is wrong, all the while if they first of all understood the context of the verses they used.. they would realize it did not apply to their meaning in the confrontation and secondly they would realize that there might be a verse just a column over that exposes the sins in their life.

I just think personally, we need to be very careful and very sure when using the Bible to back up our opinion or our arguments. And most of all make sure our own lives and hearts are right with the Lord first.

That's it! Short and Sweet this week! lol

Feel free to comment or link your blog with your own Soap Box with Mr Linky Below.

Wordless Wednesday - Chimichangas

Evidently this is why I'm not losing weight.. (lol) Refer to my friend "Anonymous"

Head over to 5 Minutes For Moms for More WW's.

(Have to find humor in even the negative things lol )

Weigh In Wednesday

Woo hoo 1 lb more lol Almost Almost out out of the "40's"!!! I don't know if anyone else watched The Biggest Loser last night, but I really enjoyed the part where the trainers explained to the contestants that you don't have to have a "gym" to get a workout. And they showed them how to do all kinds of exercises without the use of gym equipment. Sure puts all our excuses out the door huh? :)

Feel free to leave a comment (NOT A MEAN ONE) lol about your weight loss progress. Or link up with Mr Linky below.

Don't forget tomorrow is Soap Box Thursday!

A little about me...

It is that time again!!!! I am thinking of attempting to lose weight for the 100 millionth time. haha. This time I know it will work :)

In November of 2007, I gave birth to my second child, a C-Section. Not only did that put me back physically, but I also developed high blood pressure. I am only 29. Talk about discouraging.

I started gaining weight in highschool. Seems to have followed me everywhere. My ultimate goal is to lose 120 lbs but I'll settle for 10 right now. haha.

There is absolutely no reason why I cannot succeed in this weight loss endeavor. I have exercise equipment. I guess that means I have to use it. Also, I am going to attempt the Carbohydrates Addict Diet. I have had some success with this in the past.

So I am thinking, with putting my progress out for the world to see.. it will force me to make the right choices. Let's hope!! Feel free to comment on anything or tell your story. It's always encouraging to hear about others successes. Join me on this weight loss journey...

My Weight Progress: