Thursday, October 16, 2008

Soap Box Thursday! The Final Debate!

This post is political in nature and is not meant to offend.  Just voicing my OWN opinion.  

Well my goodness, What a debate last night!  I was literally nervous as the debate began lol  I was really happy with John McCain's aggressive talk.  It is about time.. he stands up for himself and his policies and really confront Obama with the issues! 

I really watched this time.. I watched facial expressions and watched carefully how they answered questions.  I really felt (this is only my opinion) that Obama is a master manipulator with words.  My goodness, how he can sugar coat things.  And he has a way of scooting around the accusations thrown his way.   

I felt even more distrust towards Obama after watching last nights debate.  Goodness, I just want this election over with and the right man in the white house!!!

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Betty Beguiles said...

I couldn't agree more! Great blog! Nice to "meet" you.

Scott and Beth said...

I agree as well...especially on the part that it was about time McCain stood up! I am about done with this whole election though. I really feel that if Obama is elected our nation will crumle. Look at all the terrible kings that God appointed in the bible...and their nations all crumbled. In the past I have really stressed over elections, but not now. It is in God's hands. I am so tired of all the garbage that goes along with the election...the lies ect. I want it over.

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