Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Target Deals!!!

I am sooo excited.  Another great Target deal.  This last weekend.. we ran to Target.  After about an hour there, I was ready to go home.  The kids were going crazy and my feet were aching lol   My husband started walking down the kitchen appliance aisle.  I was irritated at first because I wanted to leave!!!! wahhh lol  Then he called me over and showed me this Ice Cream maker.  This machine along with several other appliances were on major clearance.  The normal price was 59.99.  Guess how much it was????   14.99!!!!  I was suddenly invigorated and my feet were no longer sore as I helped my husband stuff the large box into the cart. lol   It not only makes soft serve ice cream, in which you pull the lever down and wonderful creamy ice cream comes flowing out, but it also makes yummy fruity smoothies, or slushies.  

Another great deal at Target!!! :)

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Anonymous said...

great find! and cute blog!

Grammy said...

Good luck with you weight loss. I found a food processor on discount at target to. It is very useful. That was a great deal you got though

Scott and Beth said...

Awesome! I LOVE smoothies! I have tons of recipes from when I once worked at a smoothie shop :) Let me know if you want me to email them to you.

Deanna said...

You had me at the word "Target"... I'm on my way! Wheeeeeee!

And girl... I am with you on weight loss. I have as much as you to lose.

Monica said...

Awesome. I love Target. I will have to say that is one of my favorite. They have some of the best clearances. My favorite is when they have their dollar deals (the ones right when you come in) for 75% off! I stock up on bday party favors and SS Christmas gifts :)

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