Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Soap Box Thursday!

I can't say enough of how relieved I am that the election has finally come to an end. No, my pick for President wasn't chosen, but at least the silly back and forth political commercials are no more!!

The last couple of days there has been comments made on "the news". One has been regarding the fact that this generation is colorblind. The more I have given that comment some thought.. the more true it becomes. In choosing a President, I don't (didn't) care what color of skin He or She had... I could care less. I just want to know what they stand for... Do they mean what they say?! Are they hiding important things? The news reporters went on to say that this generation didn't live through the Civil Rights Movement... We weren't alive when Martin Luther King was so prevalent to this country. And I see this in two ways.. because I was not alive during the civil rights movement I cannot fully appreciate or understand the significance of Barak Obama being elected. No matter how I try, I will only be able to imagine. On the flip side of things, I realize how lucky I am, how lucky this generation is.. to be "color blind". How we were brought to appreciate people for people. People for their values, morals, and character...not their skin color.

I didn't vote for Barak Obama because I don't agree with his policies. I believe he hides a great deal, and he is a smooth talker. I am color blind and I am happy to be so. If Barak had John McCain's policies and record, my vote when have been cast in that direction.

I may never agree with Barak Obama, but as the next President he has my respect.

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Jennifer said...

Hi there! thanks for commenting on my blog. I agree with you on most of your post. I too, am colorblind, I dont care if someone was purple, if they had good values and good policies, they would get my vote. However, I only disagree with you on one point. I do not have respect for Obama. He will be our President and I will pray for him, but I do not respect someone who allows the killing of the unborn. Honestly, God said to pray for them and to bless people like that. That is all I can do I guess.

Tara said...

I think I should of been more clear in what I meant by respecting Obama. I mean that I don't have to agree with a word, deed, or policy that he represents.. but I must respect the office of the Presidency. If he were to come into the room I would stand out of respect for the office itself.. Not because I agree with him. And you are right.. all we can do is pray. Pray that Obama will make the right decisions and pray that God's hand will guide this nation.

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