Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday - Sleeping Mask

Here we go another Einstein TIP from me lol   I picked this Sleeping mask up at Target a few weeks ago.. in the dollar bin.  I felt a little silly and immature for doing so, especially because the front of the sleeping mask says "Dream Girl" lol  I don't always sleep well at night, and I have been telling my husband FOREVER that it's because we have so many little lights on in our room.  Laptop lights, all these colored cord lights, night lights.. Our bedroom looks like a rainbow at night lol  So I gave this childish sleeping mask a try and "OH MY WORD" for the last week or so I have slept so soundly.. It really is amazing.  I don't feel claustrophobic, like I thought I might lol.  It is a very thin mask.. so its not hot..but its also comfortable with the light fuzzy fleece.  I used to always see women sleeping with masks on movies..and I wondered if it actually worked! lol  Well, for me it WORKS!  Yah! for sleeping through the night!! :)


Kris said...

I had one of those because our bedroom clock was so bright. I really didn't sleep well with the mask on, though...so I started putting it on the clock! Sounds crazy, but it worked like a charm!

Louise said...

I love my sleeping mask! It has some sort of lavender scent inside, which is supposed to make you sleepy. I thought, "Yeah, right," but it is soothing. Maybe I've just learned to associate the smell with dark, peaceful sleep. It's a lifesaver when I have a migraine, too.

Your mask is cuter, though :-)

Holly said...

I use a mask not at night, but when I take naps (sometimes I don't sleep well at night, but it's not because the room is too light). Love the sound of the lavender one!

Monica said...

huh....never really thought about one. I may have to look into getting one...especially a lavender scented one. Great idea

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