Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rabbit? or Resurrection?

297220: Resurrection EggsResurrection Eggs
By Familylife

Lead your kids on a fun, faith-filled Easter egg hunt this year--one that teaches them about Jesus' death and resurrection! Each egg carton is filled with a dozen colorful plastic eggs. Pop them open and find miniature symbols of the Easter story inside. An easy-to-understand booklet in both English and Spanish features Bible stories explaining the significance of each object. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

I never really know which direction to go with Easter Eggs.  And I love this idea of incorporating the true meaning of Easter into the eggs.  So my kids still come away with the essence of Easter not just the Bunny holding a basket of eggs.  I think it's really about instilling values in our children, even in the small things.  

CBD has the Resurrection Eggs for 33% off right now at $9.99.

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pam said...

I do a lot of shopping at Christian Bookstore! One of my favourite places.

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