Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am really confused about an issue right now...    

The last year or two have brought so much confusion, and many many questions about the politicians we "had" running for office and the ones we have now positioned in Government.  It seems like rumors, lies, confusion can be felt from all sides of the aisles.. Whether its a politician trying to cover up for his past, or the opposing side trying to sabotage any chances the other might have.  

Lately, I have heard more "whispers" and have read more articles about our current 
President's birthplace.  This is where my confusion comes into play...   How can it be that he is listed to be born at two different hospitals in Hawaii.. but his Grandmother says she was present a
t his birth in Kenya?  Then suddenly not too long ago a birth certificate was posted on the Internet supposedly saying he was born in Hawaii.  However, many believe it to be forged.  To me it should be simple.. You were either born there or you weren't lol  How can there be three choices?  And one is in a totally different continent.  Well, the reason it does matter is because obviously we all know in order to be President you must be born in the United States.  

And what do you think about the "new health plan" the current
 administration is wanting to enforce.  Where you have the option to carry a card or have a chip implanted. hmmm.  Or the health records being made available across the board.  

What about the nationalized drivers License by 2016?  No more individual state licenses.  

What about the 7.7 billion dollars of ear marks tucked in nicely with the massive "stimulus" plan just signed off by the current administration?  Did you know that one of the earmarks is 1
 million dollars towards the study of Pig Odor?  

What about the talk of the One World Bank.. in which I just heard talked about with the PM of Great Britain!?   

There will be more "What Abouts..." everyday.. I am sure..

Do you think it matters what the truth "really" is?  If it doesn't then does it change our standard for America?  Does covering up something.. speak guilt?  Is there something significant to why someone would not be forthright about a pretty easy question?  I am just wondering..not accusing..  Just asking questions.. That is what we should do right? Americans should never stop asking questions..should never stop asking our government to be accountable.  If people aren't accountable for anything, then they get away with everything, if they get away with everything, then our country loses its foundation and values, if that happens.. then we rot from the inside out.  
  Again, don't get Angry at me.. I am just posing the current event questions.. just curious of "your" opinion.. 


Upstatemomof3 said...

I have so many questions too. It never ends. But that chip thing is pretty scary if you ask me.

Stephanie said...

Everything you posted is scary as everything! What's worse is that there are people out there that think Obama is the most wonderful person to have walked the face of the earth! What!!! I don't get that, well written post.

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