Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Works For Me Wednesdays - How Do I Add a Button?

Does anyone know how to put a button on your site with the code below it?  I have tried so many times to follow the "directions" found on a number of different sites but not one seems to work. Grrrr..  Perhaps someone knows a very SIMPLE set of directions to add a button.

Edit: lol  I think I must of made this confusing.  I know how to add a button to the sidebar.. what I am wanting.. is .. I have created a button for my own site..that I want to share..   And I have noticed that a lot of blogs have their button with the copy code right beneath it.. so that other's can "grab their button" and put it on their site.  So I know there is a specific way to do this..and every time I try..either the picture shows up ..and the code doesn't or the code shows up and the picture doesn't lol  Sorry to make this confusing!!! 

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Kim said...

I'm a bit confused...do you want to add a button? Or the code? Or both...if so why? You don't usually have the code showing.

You have buttons now, so I assume you know how to do that.

Jenny said...

Ok, so you have the code for your button.

Now put that code into the add html gadget. Then right under it type:

< textarea>COPY YOUR CODE HERE< /textarea>

So, you will see the code for your button and then under it the same code with < textarea> before and < /textarea> after it.

It won't let me post it correctly, so take out the space between the < and t.

If that doesn't make sense or doesn't work, email me.

Jenny said...

WooHoo! It looks great!

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