Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Old Make UP!!

So I have been hearing a great deal about expiration dates for make up and other items.  I didn't realize even some lotions even have expiration dates.  Evidently because of the natural ingredients in them they go bad after a time.  

• Mascara: 3 months

• Cleanser: 6 months

• Eye shadow: 6 months 

• Foundation: 6 months

• Moisturizer: 6 months 

• Concealer: 6 to 8 months

• Blush: 6 to 12 months

• Lipstick and gloss: 1 year 

• Powder: 1 year

• Toner: 1 year

• Nail polish: 2 years

• Applicator sponges and brushes: toss disposable ones and wash others regularly.

Keep makeup containers tightly closed and store them at room temperature. Toss anything that looks or smells bad. Yuck.

Bear in mind that natural cosmetics, and those that have no preservatives, may expire sooner than others. You should never add water or (worse!) saliva to thin out a foundation or other cosmetic. Do not return unused foundation to the container. Discard if you accidentally pour out too much. Do not share cosmetics. (Similarly, avoid testers in department stores.)

So the last couple of days I have been going through every cabinet throwing things away.  I filled half a trash bag!!  I always think I'll use that lotion later.  I had like 10 bottles of Bath and Body Lotions under the sink..that were a couple of years old or more.  YIKES!  No woman likes to throw away make up but.. for our health we must! :)


Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

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Anonymous said...

My lesson from this is that I need to BUY less! I often get makeup free after some deal or other ... but it's not even worth paying the tax if it just is stored and then put into the trash! Good reminder ...

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It is that time again!!!! I am thinking of attempting to lose weight for the 100 millionth time. haha. This time I know it will work :)

In November of 2007, I gave birth to my second child, a C-Section. Not only did that put me back physically, but I also developed high blood pressure. I am only 29. Talk about discouraging.

I started gaining weight in highschool. Seems to have followed me everywhere. My ultimate goal is to lose 120 lbs but I'll settle for 10 right now. haha.

There is absolutely no reason why I cannot succeed in this weight loss endeavor. I have exercise equipment. I guess that means I have to use it. Also, I am going to attempt the Carbohydrates Addict Diet. I have had some success with this in the past.

So I am thinking, with putting my progress out for the world to see.. it will force me to make the right choices. Let's hope!! Feel free to comment on anything or tell your story. It's always encouraging to hear about others successes. Join me on this weight loss journey...

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