Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Puff Pastry Sheets

Have you tried these Puff Pastries Sheets? I tried them tonight for the first time. Sorry I didn't take a picture of my finished product grrr..

Anyway it was super easy to use. I made cooked two chicken breasts, cooled them. Then cut two large squares from the Pastry Sheets.

In the squares I put:

2 TBLS of Cream Cheese
1 TBLS of Bacon
Scoop of Mozzarella Cheese

Then put the chicken Breast on top. Folded up the pastry sheet around the chicken. Sealing it with 1 egg and water mix. Put the Chicken Pastry seam down on the cookie sheet. Oven at 400 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes.

I couldn't believe how wonderful it tasted. The chicken was soo moist. It was super easy. So now I love Puff Pastry Sheets lol I think i will try it next time with dessert.

All Brand New

Did you know that the main areas to remodel in your home, that will return a major investment is the bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms? I would say that is pretty accurate. I normally want to see how new the kitchen appliances or cabinetry is or the bathroom flooring and fixtures. Changing just one or two things in any of these rooms can make the room seem brand new!

The problem we all run into is trying to find a contractor that we can depend on. It's important to find a contractor that is licensed, and committed to doing the job honorably. Atlanta remodeling is just the contractor for your home remodeling needs. If you live in or around Atlanta make sure give these contractors a call.

No matter what kind of remodeling project you are attempting, make sure to do your own research, and most importantly make a budget and stick to it. Perhaps you are thinking of building a deck out back for the summer, or adding an all glass shower to your master bathroom. Well don't wait anymore, the Atlanta contractors will work with you and your budget and make sure the project falls in line. They give incredible customer service and affordable prices. We all can use a deal in this economy!

Giant Elmo

This is the ELMO that my husband won at Sea World lol He was so thrilled.. after winning the ball toss! I think its 5 feet tall or so.. lol We had to push it around in one of the strollers the entire day!

Gorgeous Concrete!

My family and I had such a wonderful vacation last week. Enjoyed a week in San Diego! We were able to visit a couple of neat attractions, and some of downtown. Some of the downtown architecture was amazing! San Diego is the kind of place that has everything you could possibly want to call home.

Along with all the beautiful parts of San Diego, come the companies who are able to make the city such a gorgeous place. I had no idea that the concrete contractor San Diego did such intricate and amazing artwork. I am sure if you have visited the city recently you will have observed the Decorative Concrete San Diego .

They have quite the portfolio. From hotels, to restaurants, lofts, and even some amusements parks! It is amazing that they are so diverse in their services. Things like Structural concrete, Street Improvements, Site Concrete, and decorative concrete are all apart of their list of services. The structural concrete contractors San Diego has some pretty cool options. Check out the portfolio to see the decks, and structural hotel renovations.

What I love about the concrete contractors in San Diego is that their work is so exquisite. From fabulous leaf prints in the cements, to glossy cement floors, to amazing scroll shapes inlays in the flooring. This is definitely not your average everyday Concrete Contractor Company!

Kids Bible Only $4.99

This Adventure Bible for Kids is 77% off right now. So that makes it $4.99!
606802: NIV Adventure Bible, Soft Cover NIV Adventure Bible, Soft Cover
By Zondervan

When kids open
The Adventure Bible, they embark on a great adventure, an exciting expedition of exploring and discovering treasures in God's Word. Now, this best-selling Bible has been revised to further enrich a child's first independent encounters with Scripture. It incorporates four color tip-ins throughout and identifying key Biblical characters and including important facts kids will want to know. Recommended for ages 8 to 12.

Features include:
  • "Let's Live It!" helps kids apply the Bible to their own lives.
  • "Life in Bible Times" explains what it was like to live in Bible times.
  • "Did You Know?" points out fun and interesting facts about the Bible.
  • "Words To Treasure" highlights popular Bible verses.
  • 15 full page color charts, including "10 Commandments for Kids," "How To Pray," "Famous Children of the Bible," and more.
  • Book introductions provide basic facts about each book of the Bible.
  • Presentation page.
  • Dictionary-Concordance to key Bible words.
  • 6-point type.
  • Measures 5.5" x 8.8" x 1.5"
  • Softcover

Monday, June 29, 2009

Discount Adventure Travel!

It seems like everyone is going on vacation right now! In fact we just returned from a wonderful time in San Diego. It was so nice to spend the day at a theme park, then the beach. Of course our vacation was less then adventurous.. probably more the relaxing kind of vacation. If you are one that thrives on adventure, and exciting getaways.. then I found the perfect Discount Adventure Travel for you!

Whether you are interested in Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountaineering, SCUBA, River Rafting, or even multiple adventure tours the Discount Adventure Travel covers it all! The cool part is you can customize your Adventure or just pick one of the awesome trips they have listed.

Tanzania Adventures is a three week trip traveling from the roof of Africa atop Mt. Kilimanjaro to the coral reefs of Zanzibar. The Ultimate Colorado Adventure looks really cool. White water rafting, mountain climbing, skiing, and so much more. Or Ski The Rockies with ski instructions and lessons from former U.S. & Olympic Coaching Staff!

I know my brothers would love to take a vacation like this!!! You can book any or all of these Discount Adventure Travel Trips online! If you need some convincing take a look at the testimonial page!

Crocs on Sale!

Don't you love Crocs? I do.. I actually have a pair and a few off brands. The off brands of course are not the same as the CROC brand! I found they are having an amazing sale right now up to 75% off I think it is. They have some really cute shoes for everyone in the family!

Remodeling Season!

Are you looking for a contractor to do some remodeling for your home or office? If you live in the Kansas area then I have found the best kansas City remodeling contractor company. They are a company that finishes what they start, and happen to be very successful at what they do. This Kansas group has a website that tells you all about their services and guarantees.

Always make sure you choose a contractor who is licensed. Can you believe that some aren't? I would rather a professional, that has years of experience behind them work for me. And thankfully you can be sure to find those qualification with the Kansas group.

Whether its kitchen, Cabinets, Plumbing, Electrical, Flooring, Counter tops, window & siding replacements, roof repair or even bathroom remodeling.. the Kansas team does it all and so much more. Their website has beautiful photos of their work. I was so impressed at the bathroom remodel! To go along with the awesome photos (as if that wasn't proof enough) check out the testimonials from people who rely on the Kansas team to do all their home remodeling.

Fill out the contact form on their site and they will get back with you as soon as possible along with a Free Estimation for your remodeling project!

Gift Cards

Do you know what kind of awesome prizes you can win just by using Swagbucks to search? Let me tell you... when you get enough swagbucks earned.. you can trade them in for electronics, or books, or kids toys, or speciality items, or my favorite gift cards. They are constantly changing the gift cards. Let's say you earn 220 swagbucks.. you can then trade that in for $20 GC to Target! And you do this all by searching on the Internet like you already do...but just use Swagbucks as your search engine! Give it a try.. if you haven't already!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Make Your Guest Feel Welcome!

I love bed sets! Is that weird? It is so important to me to make sure that my guests are comfortable and have a nice place to sleep when they visit. I want them to walk into the room, feeling cozy, comfortable, and completely at home!

I found a wonderful company that has created some beautiful bed sets! Leather beds, wooden beds, children's bed, metal beds, divan beds, storage beds, french style
beds, antique beds, upholstered beds, guest beds, and white beds. I happen to love the French Gilt Bed! It's gorgeous! The bed is upholstered with silk and deep buttoning!

The company also carries an assortment of mattresses and accessories. With a beautiful assortment of bedroom furniture like dressers, trunks, and dressing tables.

Is it time for your bedrooms to receive a makeover? Right now you can get 45% off on selected items and free shipping.

Make your guest feel important when they visit your home. How fun would it be to pick out a beautiful bedroom set with a few matching accessories for your guest room, and have your friends and family be so impressed with their new accommodations! Just go check out the company websites guest beds and choose one or two!

Blog Sponsorship Program!

UPrinting.com has opened up a Blog Sponsorship Program! Everyone is invited to Apply! They are looking for bloggers who consistently produce excellent content and interact with their readership. If you are interested go

Sponsored Blogs Receive:

- Free Products
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- Discounted Services

Go Check them out and submit your blog!

Is Your Roof Safe?

Time to talk about outside renovations! When is the last time you took a look at your roof? Probably one of things we all neglect until we have a major problem. I didn't realize how important it was to make sure your roof was in tip top shape. Our roof keeps us safe from any type of weather and rodents. Even just a small hole can allow moisture to leak into our homes. Often times working its way into the walls, which we know leads to mold.

A company in Austin has a great reputation for excellent workmanship. They are reliable and experienced. The Austin roofer specialize in a number of different roofing aspects such as re-roofing, roofing repairs, roof ventilation systems, energy efficient replacement windows, hardie siding, and radiant barrier insulation. Most of the roofs are installed and completed in one day! I love that! They have warranties for labor, and if it's testimonials or referrals you need they have them!

You can trust the Austin roofer to be honest about your roof. If you just need a repair, they will quote you for the repair, and not strong arm you into a whole new roof. The most important thing is to take care of your home and your family. With a roof you can depend on.. you can feel safe for years to come.

If you call now you can get a free roof inspection and estimate ($100 value)!

Focus Friday

Focus Friday
ThriftyandChicMom is hosting a Friday Meme called Focus Friday! Basically each Friday we post about what our goals are for the next coming days and then link back to her blog. Easy!!

So last week I accomplished my goal of packing lol woo hoo I got some exercise by doing the tourist walking lol

My Goals:
1. Exercise
2. Unpack ugh
3. Get the kids back on a schedule

Sharpen Your Skills

I don't have to tell you how difficult the times we live are and becoming more and more each day. People all around me are struggling to keep their jobs..or spending everyday trying to find a good job to support their families. I think we are at a point with the economy that people just do not know what to do, or how to even begin. You can have a degree from Harvard but not be the right choice for an employer.

You don't have to wonder anymore, because I found an incredible company that offers all the tools you need to be well prepared to find the right job. They have many accredited courses you can take online. Or pick a career that interests you in the job profile section, and you will be on your way to excelling in your field. Every month they add new courses, so be sure to check back.

I love how this company has all the tools to sharpen your skills for business, or the corporate environment. If you have an expertise to offer, you can create your own course. The great thing about creating your own course you will make 70% profit off of the sale of your course. Kind of neat huh?

So please don't sit there any longer worrying about your job skills! Go ahead and sign up.. along with the 50 million other users who are sharpening their job skills!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aloha Friday

An Island Life is hosting Aloha Friday.. I thought it would be fun to participate. All you have to do is answer the question I ask by leaving a comment. Then click over to An Island Life and link up to Aloha Friday with your own question!

My Question:
Background: On vacation this week, we were at the beach. My almost 5 year old threw some sand when we were walking in the water..it landed on this 12 year old boy..and his dad was standing by. So the dad looks at my son and tells him not to do it again..and shakes his finger at him...

Ok..my question.. Does it make you mad if someone else tells your child(ren) to stop doing something when you are standing right there??

My Answer:
I HATE it!!! lol Unless, I leave my children in your care.. don't tell them what to do or not do..when i am standing right there!!! GRRR lol Saying that to say.. this father at the beach.. I heard my mouth say.. "I'll take care of it" lol I never say things like that.. it must be my maternal instinct!

Let the Pros Handle It!

The Internet makes everything so easy now doesn't it? Almost anyone can own a business or have fund raisers online. It truly is amazing. As your online business grows, it sometimes is hard to keep track of all the money coming in and out. I found an awesome company called Wirex. They take care of all the back end of online finances. Wirex has had many years of experience with the finance sector so you can be sure your business is in good hands.

Wirex has features for Affiliate webmaster, Affiliate programs, search providers, or currency exchange services. They specialize in large payments to your affiliates via Wirex, ePassporte, WebMoney, and PayPal.

I would recommend checking them out as a online payment system. Register and find out some more information. It might be just what you are looking for!

Almost home UGH

Well we are officially on our way home from vacation. Sitting here in our Town & Country, I am doing my best not to go out of my mind as my almost 5 year old son is talking non-stop about nothing, yanking on the seat belt, and pounding his transformer together (that he just got a Burger King). My daughter is sitting in her seat looking at me.. with a sweet angelic look on her little face. Her pink pacifier sticking me out of her cute lips. Pink of course to match her entire ensemble. She is sleepy..since her blanket is continuously being run through her fingers. My husband is listening to Glen Becks Book 'The Inconvenient Truth' on CD. I must say its very interesting.. what little I can hear. I am fighting off car sickness.. why am I on this laptop UGHHH.. Blah.. Oh did I mention that we have a Giant Elmo sitting in the front seat? He is over 5 feet tall. My husband won it at Sea World lol Yes, we have been getting looks from other cars and trucks sharing this highway. Thankfully I am hidden here in the back with the kids..and do not have to make eye contact and try to explain with a strange smile why we have Giant Elmo in the front seat..seat belted. I'll put a picture up when we are home and unpacked! Ok.. have to put this laptop away.. getting sick lol

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Realtors Are A Good Thing!

Have you tried selling or buying a home by yourself? In the beginning, I think we all think we can do it! We try and sometimes succeed but most of the time end up in a heap of disappointment not sure where to turn. It sure makes life easier, if we would just reach out to a qualified realtor before we put that 'For Sale by Owner' on the lawn!

A realtor's job is solely to sell and buy. They want to help you find that perfect home! And pretty much will do whatever it takes to make that dream come true. If you live in the Atlanta area you must check out this incredible realtor group. Your initial consultation is FREE..so you aren't gambling anything.. just a little time.

The Atlanta Realtor group specializes in Realistate consulting for buyers and sellers. That's you!

Here are a few things they want you to know:

They sell single, multi-family and investment residential properties.

They develop and utilize sales networks, telemarketing and advertising to generate buyers, sellers and financiers.

They are a specialist in no-money-down and foreclosure sales.

They maintain active troubleshooting and negotiating involvement through closing of the property.

They conduct comprehensive evaluations of a client's requirements.

They tailor a detailed plan to assist in the purchase or sale of their home.

They develop and implement auditing processes and procedures to ensure clients are satisfied with services provided.

Sounds like a Realtor Group that knows their stuff..and is ready to help you with your next home endeavor.

Books Flying Through the Air!

We have been having a wonderful vacation this week..today we went to a Science Museum.. I personally thought it was a total waste of time and money.. but the kids seem to enjoy it for a bit. We went to eat after that, then decided to shop in Borders. Oh my word, what were we thinking!!!??? My son, who is nearly 5, was getting a little, hmmm... rambunctious, decides to start spinning this bookshelf that rotates and holds hundreds of books. I told him, from about 5 feet away, "Don't do that". I said that phrase three times. And all three times I was ignored. Not a second after my third warning.. did I see books flying in every direction. With one hard but fast pull my son had whipped that shelf around, sending oh.. hmm.. probably a good 75 to 100 books flying. I believe I was instantly stunned. Kicking myself mentally, I gritted my teeth, and let him know he was in big trouble later, and bent my sunburned body and I mean SUNBURNED, and began picking up the books.

Two things I learned today.

1. Expect the Unexpected. When your kids aren't listening, grab them before they take that extra DELIBERATE spin.

2. People do not help anymore. I just couldn't believe it. I think 1 lady walked by and picked up 1 book. But of all the people there.. they just look at us.. over there precious books, then went back to reading. Where is the compassion lol

I wish I could of taken a picture of the piles of books, and where they landed.. so that you would really understand what I had to deal with lol I will tell you what.. I was pretty embarrassed.. but quickly realized.. things could of been worse and it could of cost me a whole lot of money. Thank goodness, the situation was easily fixed. I truly hope my little guy learned a lesson today. Probably not..but I am hoping lol

Love Your Bathroom!

Bathrooms can be one room you find yourself in quite often.. It's just life right? Wouldn't you like your bathrooms to be a place where you feel comfortable? I think that a bathroom deserves a little attention. Some pictures on the wall.. or perhaps a shelf here or there. A cool shower head, or a Bathroom Vanity . When we have guests, we want them to feel at home. To feel like our home is a little oasis. And we all know that the bathroom is one of the main areas we want perfect for our guests.

There are some amazing choices now for bathroom features. Single Bathroom Vanities, double bathroom vanities, antique bathroom vanities, contemporary bathroom vanities, teak bathroom vanities, linen cabinets, and vanity chairs. Hard to imagine so many choices.. But seriously with all these options there isn't any excuse of not finding something to match your taste.

I happen to love the 60" Walnut Finish Antique Double Bathroom Vanity. Oh my goodness this
bathroom vanity is amazing. The wooden details are all hand carved. The counter top is made from marble. Comes with two undermount porcelain sinks, and 7 drawers. I can just imagine how beautiful this would make one of my bathrooms! I could probably find a linen cabinet to match this vanity perfectly. The

18" Enclosed Oak Linen Cabinet would be awesome! Free shipping on this too!

If you don't want or need a double sink, then go for a Single Vanity. There are a number of gorgeous styles in the Single vanity. The 53" Cherry Finish Single Bathroom Vanity happens to be a favorite of mine as well. Beautiful!

These Bathroom Vanities are on sale with 30% to 65% off with FREE Shipping.. along with FREE Sinks and Faucets! I really don't think you could find a place that sells more beautifully designed Bathroom Vanities at amazing prices.

Girls Being Paid To NOT Get Pregnant!

Paying girls $1 a day to not get pregnant??? Hmmm... sounds like the Pay the kids to get good grades program!

"Brown said she hopes the program, which pays $1 each day to 12-to-18-year-old girls, will keep them from getting pregnant. In addition to remaining pregnancy-free, the girls must also attend weekly meetings."

Nurses Need A Break!

Isn't it funny when we are little how many of us wanted to be Doctors or Nurses?! I remember that my Father bought me medical books and a real stethoscope when I was very young. That gesture gave me a sense of purpose and focus when I was young.

Are you a nurse? or Do you know a Nurse? I happen to know many. I found a really neat site that is completely devoted to the occupation of a Nurse. The mind, health, beauty, style, work. love, money, and news & entertainment are all covered in this scrubs magazine.

If you are in the medical field then you are quite familiar with wearing scrubs. And you may not always feel so pretty. Those days are over! There is a section devoted to chic scrubs
fashions. The Do's and Don'ts of scrubs, along with fashion tips.

If you need some tips for weight loss with a crazy work schedule, well they have that too! Basically, if I were a nurse I would definitely be at reading everything I could, and take in anything that would make my life a little easier. This nurse site is incredible!

Did you know that one of the best cities to be a nurse is in Spokane, WA? I would never have guessed that! See how much you can learn by reading the awesome scrubs magazine?!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Super Comments Awards

Rules are to pass this award on to 5 other bloggers!! Here goes:

I really do appreciate all the comments each week. I know how much time and energy it takes and it means a great deal. Thanks!!

Bring Some Personality Into Your Home

I love furniture. I always think of different ways I can either rearrange what I have already or what new piece will transform a room. It really is amazing how one red chair or a new rug or even a painting can take a drab room to a whole new level.

Don't you just adore couches or sofas (whichever you prefer)? A Sofas can make a room feel comfortable, warm, and inviting when you walk in. You can set the tone. Whether it be formal, family room, or even just a rec room. There is a sofa for any occasion.

My husband has been begging for a leather theater sectional. They must recline, have cup holders, have compartments for snacks. ha! He is determined that our movie viewing experience will be heightened to the 10th degree with this type of Leather Couch!

I happen to love a sofa called Wood Trim Living Room Sofa. This sofa is beautiful, and
elegant. My middle name is ornate so this fits my personality perfectly. The wood trim and legs are all hand carved stained in English Tea!
This would turn my formal living room, into a place fit for a king. Check out the picture to the right.. Don't you love it?

Even though my husband and I have totally two different taste.. the wonderful thing about furniture is that you can fit it all into the house and make it work perfectly!

Check out these sofas and couches I have talked about. They are on sale.. I'm talking awesome sale here. 30% to 65% off. As well as FREE shipping and No Sales tax in the lower 48 states! Don't worry if your taste aren't mine.. there are tons more sofas or couches to choose from. Leather, reclining, sectional, fabric, home theater seating, and loveseats!

Wooo Hooo!

Look at what I won WOO HOOO!!

feature photo
  • The Evenflo BabyGo High Chair is designed for children up to 3 years old with a maximum weight of 40 lbs
  • Sets up in under 1 minute
  • Integrated carry bag with handle included
  • Multi position tray and 5 point harness
  • Meets all JPMA and AS™ Standards
  • Retails for $49.99 and is available at Burlington Baby Depot and Babies “R” Us

Thank you TO:

Kristie & Jennifer
Lipstick to Crayons Sisters

A little about me...

It is that time again!!!! I am thinking of attempting to lose weight for the 100 millionth time. haha. This time I know it will work :)

In November of 2007, I gave birth to my second child, a C-Section. Not only did that put me back physically, but I also developed high blood pressure. I am only 29. Talk about discouraging.

I started gaining weight in highschool. Seems to have followed me everywhere. My ultimate goal is to lose 120 lbs but I'll settle for 10 right now. haha.

There is absolutely no reason why I cannot succeed in this weight loss endeavor. I have exercise equipment. I guess that means I have to use it. Also, I am going to attempt the Carbohydrates Addict Diet. I have had some success with this in the past.

So I am thinking, with putting my progress out for the world to see.. it will force me to make the right choices. Let's hope!! Feel free to comment on anything or tell your story. It's always encouraging to hear about others successes. Join me on this weight loss journey...

My Weight Progress: