Friday, September 18, 2009

Ocean View

I LOVE fish tanks! Well, I like the fish too! lol I remember having a fish many years ago, as a single woman, and because I wasn't quite sure how to take care of my Oscar fish it grew so big..and I swear it grew fangs in the night! I wish I would of known how to properly care for my fish, and what type of tank was best.

My husband and I have talked about buying a fish tank.. I will say that I am often overwhelmed when I go to a pet store, with what type of fish to buy! I happen to LOVE the exotic fish.

Then there is the decision of salt water or fresh water fish. There is an awesome online shop that specializes in all kinds of salt water fish needs.

I really appreciate the fact that the company offers online guides to properly caring for the Reef aquariums and how to introduce the salt water fish to their new environment. Did you know that you can also buy live coral?

One of my favorite exotic saltwater fish that they offer is the Emperor Angel Baby! They have many choices under 20 dollars. Along with Free Shipping and a 14 day money back guarantee I think I won't ever have to go to a pet store again!

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Anonymous said...

I love aquariums too. I bought my husband 2-55 gal. aquariums for his birthday one year. I loved buying things for them, especially picking out the fish. We used one as a saltwater and the other for freshwater. It's so calming to watch them swim around. And the noise from the air tank is great to listen to while sleeping!

A little about me...

It is that time again!!!! I am thinking of attempting to lose weight for the 100 millionth time. haha. This time I know it will work :)

In November of 2007, I gave birth to my second child, a C-Section. Not only did that put me back physically, but I also developed high blood pressure. I am only 29. Talk about discouraging.

I started gaining weight in highschool. Seems to have followed me everywhere. My ultimate goal is to lose 120 lbs but I'll settle for 10 right now. haha.

There is absolutely no reason why I cannot succeed in this weight loss endeavor. I have exercise equipment. I guess that means I have to use it. Also, I am going to attempt the Carbohydrates Addict Diet. I have had some success with this in the past.

So I am thinking, with putting my progress out for the world to see.. it will force me to make the right choices. Let's hope!! Feel free to comment on anything or tell your story. It's always encouraging to hear about others successes. Join me on this weight loss journey...

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