Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tassimo Home Brewing System Review ~ Great Christmas Gift for Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate Lovers!

About a year ago, I dropped my coffee pot on the floor ~ CRASH ~ Glass flew everywhere.. ugh.. Since I am the only that drinks coffee, I just decided to not replace the machine. So I taught myself to love instant coffee! But I have to tell you..that everything changed a week ago when I received a free Tassimo Home Brewing System to Review. I don’t think I will be able to go back to instant coffee..after having used this system for a week now.

My first Impressions:

I loved the sleek design. The black and silver goes perfectly with my kitchen. There is, thankfully, only one main push button that you have to worry about. When I first read the directions.. I was a bit overwhelmed! Typical for me! However, after taking a breath or three..and going through each step slowly. I realized how easy it was.

In following the directions, I had to first clean out the machine with the cleaning disc. The system came with a water filter. ( Which you can opt to use or not. ) With fresh water in the tank, you then choose your drink of choice. Then Click the Large Button once!

I was sent several hot beverages to try.

Milka Hot Chocolate - This was pretty good. I do like my Hot Chocolate a bit sweeter! However, my husband happen to think it was perfect.

Starbucks Verona I enjoyed this coffee.

Chai Tea LatteThis was my husband’s favorite! So simple. You put the tea disc in the top. The machine reads the bar code and brews the tea. Then you trade the used disc with the coordinating milk disc.. and after 60 seconds or so.. we had a beautiful cup of Chai Tea Latte! My husband has been requesting one each night!

Starbucks Expresso Roast - I thought was a bit tooooo strong and rich for me. I had to drown it a little with creamer ha!

Gevalia Signature Blend – I actually enjoyed this flavor. I like my coffee mild. Not too strong! ,

Tassimo has an expanding selection of beverage brands including Twinings, Maxwell House, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Gevalia Kaffe, and Milka. Tassimo and Starbucks just launched two new single-serve coffeehouse-style beverages: Starbucks Latte Primo and Starbucks Cappuccino Primo for Tassimo.

What really amazed me.. was that the machine could read the bar codes. To be honest.. I didn’t realize that after a few different uses haha! Tassimo explains it like this: “The Tassimo Brewer, developed and designed by Kraft Foods and manufactured by Bosch, contains a microprocessor that reads the bar code printed on each T Disc label to automatically calculate the correct water amount, temperature, and brewing time for every beverage” I couldn’t have explained it better!

One feature that I really like is that you can control the strength and amount. After the initial brew, you have 20 seconds to push the button which allows you to manually fill your cup with more of the hot beverage. This works great if you are like me and want a large cup! Just make sure that you wait until the button turns orange before removing or changing out the T-Disc.

I found the clean up super easy. Just have to rinse out the water tank. Wipe out the top where the disc goes. You can remove the top disc lever and clean it. Doesn’t take me long at all!

This machine works so well in our home, since I love coffee and my husband loves Teas. Within a few minutes, I can change a disc, a coffee cup and have us both drinking our hot beverage of choice.

My only "con" is the price. However, for the 'service' you get with this brewing system..the price is probably just right! :)

Overall, I am giving this my personal two thumbs up! My husband is super impressed..and that alone is a good enough for me! In fact, we are so impressed we are going to pack it in the car to take to my parents for Christmas! I must share this with family!

Thank you to Tassimo for allowing me to have this amazing home brewing system to review!

You can check out more information on Tassimo at their website!

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Tamara B. said...

Wow, what a great review! I have seen these in the stores and wonderful how well they would work. Plus I like that you can also make hot chocolate too for the children besides the coffee for us.

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