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Canker Cover Review & Giveaway! -CLOSED-

What did I think about Canker Cover?

I was given this product to try out and write a review. When I was young, I seem to get canker sores a lot. The most annoying things ever! As an adult, I rarely ever have one. However, right after I received this product, I had a canker sore from eating peanuts lol So I could hardly wait to put this product to the test.

First you have to take the little round disc, apply it to the canker sore, hold it for the amount of seconds in the directions. As it dissolves it becomes like a cover for the canker sore. Since the medicine disc is suppose to last 8 to 12 hours, I decided to try it before sleeping.

It was a tad annoying at first. But once I woke up in the morning, it had completely dissolved..and my canker sore was completely gone. I am not kidding. Although, my sore was tiny.. still I couldn't believe it was gone the next morning. This product definitely gets a two thumbs up from me!

A Little Info from the Company about Canker Cover:

Canker Cover: Canker sores are painful blisters that form on the inside of the mouth, cheeks, and inner lips, as well as on the tongue, affecting 56 million people annually. If left untreated, they can last from seven to 21 days, causing pain each time you eat, drink, chew, or move your mouth. While nobody knows for sure what causes canker sores, possibilities include increased stress, lower immunity, trauma (e.g. cheek bites, irritation from braces, etc.), vitamin B12 oriron deficiencies, hormonal changes or food allergies.

Canker Cover is the only over-the-counter canker sore treatment shown in clinical studies to significantly speed treatment. The pill shaped patch adheres to the sore and forms a gel patch that protects the sore, relieves the pain, and speeds treatment. In two separate clinical studies, Canker Cover was shown to heal most canker sores within 24 hours and to be more effective than benzocaine, the active ingredient in most canker sores products, at eliminating pain. No other canker sore products in the world have shown this result.

Canker Cover is also made from natural ingredientsincluding natural menthol, citrus oil and sea salt, which dissolves over time, offering immediate pain relief upon application while covering and protecting the lesion from bacteria and other irritants (e.g., movement, food, drink, orthodontia/dental appliances, etc.) for eight to 12 hours. Canker Cover provides immediate and long-lasting pain relief by steadily releasing pain-numbing menthol and other ingredients on the sore. In most cases, one patch completely treats a canker sore within 24 hours. Suggested retail price is $9.99 for a box of six patches; available at drug stores, supermarkets and health food stores nationwide, and online The makers of Canker Cover are also offering a limited edition of $2 coupons for you and your followers. Click here to get yours!

What can YOU Win?

One of my readers will win a Canker Cover!

How can YOU Win?

Please leave a comment what you have done in the past to treat your canker sores? (Mandatory)

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Giveaway Ends February 26th!

****I was given this product to review and blog. I was not compensated any other way then being able to receive the product for free. My review is purely my opinion.

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