Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aloha Friday - Too Big means Neglect?

An Island Life is hosting Aloha Friday. I thought it would be fun to participate. All you have to do is answer the question I ask by leaving a comment. Then click over to An Island Life and link up to Aloha Friday with your own question!

My Question:

In reference to the story in the news this week..which you can read HERE, Do you think that an Obese Child should be taken away from his/her parents and put in Foster Care?

My Answer:

Wow, what a touche' subject. From the articles they are saying that if you have an obese child then you are neglecting them.

My questions are this:

Who decides what is obese for a child?

Are their circumstances taken into consideration?

What if they have the "fat gene"?

Does this mean that "they" could eventually come into our homes and evaluate what we feed our children?

The bottom line for me.. is that there are always cases of abuse, and neglect. Could an obese child mean neglect? That is possible.. However, to make an assumption..straight across the board is not right to me.

America has a weight problem period. I think we need to look at what the government is allowing in our food. Like I really would like to know...why after high fructose corn syrup was banned years ago..was then later allowed back into the United States. Now as most of you know..dominates a great deal of our food.

Our children are precious, we have a responsibility to care for them.

Certainly a subject worth discussing and thinking about.

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Christa said...

Absolutely NOT!

Gale said...

No, absolutely not. If your child is obese because you feed them the wrong things it is not's a bad parental choice, but not abusive neglect.

However, there are cases where what a parent fed their child could be considered neglect. Of course, not feeding them anything...but if say a parent fed their child fruit loops for morning, lunch and dinner every day and didn't ever give them anything else that could be considered neglect.

kailani said...

No, I don't think these kids should be taken away. Obesity is not neglect.

CMash said...

Absolutely not!! Unless there is documented proof of neglect. But I would think by taking a child would add to the problem. Nutrition education would be better for the parents/child from the pediatrician. My aloha question is here.
Love the news ticker.

TheAngelForever said...

I have to say I think big brother is watching over people too much these days. Our school district implemented a mandatory Physical Education test. The purpose was to help find children who are potentially at risk for being overweight. The catch, children with IEP's, or otherwise receiving PT/OT - like my son may NEVER be able to pass these exams. My son is thin, but has low muscle tone and weak core strength from this. I think we need to step back more and help to educate parents, but not step on toes.

~ Noelle said...

nope, i totally disagree with that...
i am well overweight... have been all my life... that is just wrong

earthlymama said...

Wow! That is crazy. While I think there are some cases that would definitely qualify as neglect, how do you set the standard? You'd have to say all obese children are neglected and that just isn't so. I think of neglect when I see those parents on Maury or some other day-time tv show flaunting the fact that they feed their kid a box of Fruit Loops, a 1lb of meat, and 3 chocolate bars... Now, that is sad, but no one has ever thought to do a think about it.

Auntie E said...

Not for that reason only.
My AF link for you

I am Harriet said...

Take them from the only security they know and place them somewhere where people don't know them?
How about re-educating the whole family first....

Have a great Friday!

Anonymous said...

No! No child should be taken from their parents for weight reasons.

JamericanSpice said...

No. A child should only be taken from their parents if there is proof of abuse.

I don't think having an obese child is necessarily abuse.

They might not be implementing healthy way of eating but that does not mean it's neglect.

Foster care should be the very last resort. The govt and other families don't always care for your child as you would. Not all families I'm sure, but I've been there too many times.

Shelly said...

I don't believe a child should be taken from a home unless that child is suffering from abuse or neglect. If that obese child is suffering from lack of medical treatment, then yes. But if there child is receiving proper care, no.

The Social Frog said...

No! I can not believe a child could be taken away for that reason.

Jess said...

Nope! Foster care is a last resort, period.

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