Sunday, July 18, 2010

CSN Stores Smoothie Maker REVIEW!!!

A week or so ago I wrote a little teaser post of my review opportunity from CSN Stores. Well, the time has come to unveil the product I chose!

Drum Roll Please....

How cool is this?
Back to Basics Brushed Chrome Smoothie Elite - SE2000B

Back to Basics Brushed Chrome Smoothie Elite - SE2000


  • Brushed chrome-look finish
  • 56-ounce jar
  • Includes heavy duty ice-crushing blades
  • Dispensing valve and stir stick
  • Includes 500-watt pulse-power motor
  • Dimensions: 18"H x 7.5"W x 8.5"D

On Sale: $39.99

The reason I chose to Review the Back to Basics Brushed Chrome Smoothie Elite - SE2000B was:

1. I lost my blender in the move

2. I am trying to get my kids off of Ice Cream, and into fruit!

3. I love how this smoothie maker looks!

So what did I think?

The smoothie maker came well packed. And thankfully the assembly was really easy. The exterior is super cool with the brushed chrome look! My son was so cute, he wanted me to make a smoothie immediately! I pulled out the frozen blueberries, strawberries, a little fat free milk, and a small vanilla yogurt, and dumped it all in the 56 oz blender jar. It took a few minutes to efficiently grind up all the frozen fruit, but it was worth it.

My favorite feature is the smoothie spout! Slide the glass right under the spout and pull the lever! Most other blenders you have to pick up the full blender and try to not make a mess when pouring.

I loved this product, because this will help my family as we are trying to make healthier eating choices. Instead of eating ice cream every night we have been making fruit smoothies, without any added sugar!

Did I have any Concerns?

I was worried about the clean up. Because the blender parts are not recommended for
the dishwasher.. I was a little put out. However, that disappointment was short lived when I realized how easy it was to take the blender apart and rinse it. Took hardly a minute.

The blender is loud. But let me tell you the smoothie comes out sooo smooth and delicious so it's worth it.

What other things did I try with the Smoothie Maker?

I tried several different frozen fruit combinations. Today I made the most YUMMY frozen coffee smoothie. Oh my word, it was awesome lol If you need more ideas there are several recipes included with the directions for the Smoothie Maker!

So I give the Smoothie Maker a thumbs up, as well as my shopping experience with CSN Stores!

CSN Stores has so much more than Smoothie Makers! They have over 200 online stores! I found some really cute kids desks in the Kid's Furniture Section! Both are at a fantastic price! I think I love CSN Stores!

**I was given the Back to Basics Brushed Chrome Smoothie Elite to try out! I did not receive any payment other than the joy of reviewing the Smoothie Maker! This post was purely my opinion and experience with the Back to Basics Brushed Chrome Smoothie Elite!

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