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Aloha Friday - Food Stamps?

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My Question:
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A record 41.8 million people are now using food stamps to buy some or all of their food.  New York is trying to pass a law that will control what you eat by looking to ban buying soda with food stamps.

First of all, Can you believe 41.8 million Americans are on food stamps?

(last year President Obama signed into a law a broader spectrum for families to be eligible for food stamps. Even if you own a car, work, and own a house, you could still qualify for food stamps. They have also renamed the Food Stamp program to SNAP. As well as making it easier and less embarrassing by providing a credit card instead of the 'colored money' they had in the past.)

Second, how do you feel about the government telling a person they cannot buy SODA with their food stamps?
My Answer:

First of all I cannot believe that many Americans are relying on the government. There is no judgement in my opinion for those who really need it. But getting food stamps is so easily obtained now. The salary cap is expanded, and in the past with things got tough we as Americans would "tough" it out. Get a second, third job. But food stamps was something that we wouldn't and couldn't do. Now I realize with our economy so many are struggling.

I heard someone today give a perfect analogy to the Soda ban. It's like when we were kids at home..and our parents told us 'As long as you live under my roof.. you will do what I say, eat what I fix...' you get the picture. Well, as wrong as it is for government to interfere, I feel like.. if you are accepting government handout..then they have the right (like it or not) to set the rules.

What worries me even beyond this.. is those of us who are not using the food stamps.. will be next.. with the government controlling the foods we eat.

California is trying to legalize Pot and yet New York is trying to Ban Soda. Makes perfect sense right?

What are your thoughts?

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Auntie E said...

Well, I think food Stamps should be disbanded. I really think too many folk abuse the system. We should rethink how we issue food money to the needy. Maybe we should go back to food banks, where people on Welfare can go shopping. We could have the companies donate a percentage of food to the food banks.
Now I really do think soda and junk food should not be allowed. There was a time when they didn't allow contraband and I think one still can't by cigarettes and some other things on it, so I have no problem with the band.
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Stacy Uncorked said...

I didn't realize that many people were on food stamps! I wonder if the soda ban is them trying to keep things consistent since they banned soda from schools.

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TheAngelForever said...

I believe that sometimes people need assistance. With that being said, there need to be better guidelines on items that can be bought with food stamps. The WIC program for children is an example of nice structure that workds amazingly well. When I was in college, I worked at a grocery store. It floored me what people could use their food stamps to purchase. They would come in and buy lobster and shrimp. Fine that you want seafood, but how about something a little less gormet to last you longer?

Kari said...

I think any junk food/soda should be banned for people on food stamps. I know that some people truly need the help and that's fine, but I think many use the system and take advantage. It really bothers me a lot that such a large number of people are now on food stamps. I'm really worried about where are world is heading.

JamericanSpice said...

You say it very well about the govt control spilling over into all areas of life once they think it's ok to start with people who depend on them.

For me it comes down to choice. We all have the right to choose what we wish to do with ourselves. We can choose what foods to put in our bodies. We should only require help if mentally we cannot make the right choice.

Lisa B. said...

SNAP should be used to sustain life.

Soda/Pop is not required to sustain life.

Neither is coffee or tea.

I think all three should be on the "no" list right along with alcohol and cigarettes.

Speaking of soda/pop... have you entered my SodaStream giveaway? ;)

~ Noelle said...

i think the government is trying to control to much...
i understand that they might want you to use it for healthier options...
but still, they should not have it as a ban...

I am Harriet said...

There are people who genuinely need help getting back on their feet. I would never want to be in their shoes. Illness and job loss is really hard to deal with. In these cases, thank goodness for social systems. You never know when it could be you.

You do have a point that there are and always will be scammers in everything.

Have a great Friday!

Anonymous said...

First Out Government should stay out of what we purchase or consume. Second. We need to be less dependent on our government. Say no to food stamps and grow our own food or help each other more. God provides for all.

Shelly said...

I think it's absurd that the govt is trying to tell people what they can and cannot drink/eat. What's next? Those people who need assistance should be able to buy a soda or a sports drink if they want to. Just b/c you need some financial help doesn't mean you're more prone to obesity.

Twincerely,Olga said...

I had to use them once a loong time ago when my oldest girls were small and I was going thru a divorce.I think if it helps you feed your family and for a time then it's ok.Not to get soda not a bad idea.Shouldnt have to stay on them forever!Aloha

Deni said...

I am someone who could use food stamps, we honestly live paycheck to paycheck and are very tight on our food budget as it is. Of course we do our best, but I agree, I believe people abuse them more than actually get them because they truly need it. We have thought a lot about going on to food stamps, as we used to have wic for formula/milk (that's a whole other story).

As far as Soda...I don't necessarily agree with the government. Boston, whatever banning it, but I do think that with the obesity rate, somethings gotta give...

Don't get me wrong, to each his own, but I don't think kids are being properly introduced and taught how to eat son is 2, but have discussed at length rules for soda....we hardly buy it any more.

I don't think the government should control things like that, but I think there really needs to be a tighter set of rules for letting people on to Food Stamps....and there should be follow through...i.e. helping people to find jobs so that one day they can be off them.

Anonymous said...

I think it's only fair they can control what you buy considering the money is coming from them.

Alysha (Supermom) said...

True story... I am on food stamps... but I didn't realize that you couldn't buy soda, only because I don't drink it. Not too sure how I feel. I am mainly just grateful I can buy what I need to have a healthy baby and feed myself. :)

Danelle said...

I will try and keep this under control but.... I am for and against it. Against it for the reason you mentioned. Is the government going to use it as a stepping stone to then come at ones that are not on the government program.

But also I have to say that I am not so sure it is right that if you have to be on the program that you should have the ability to buy luxary items that others may not be able to get. I mean I actually have to budget if i want extras such as pop, snack foods, and the like.

In this day it seems that the government lost control of this program and everyone can get on it BUT the ones that really need it and would benefit from it and even if those few did get it they seem to have to jump through so many more hoops. It makes no sense.

I am stepping off my soapbox now before I type something that I will either regret later or end up offending someone. Excuse my venting


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