Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nooski Mouse Trap Review

I offered to review a mouse trap not too long ago, and once I received the Nooski Mouse Trap I realized the pressure of trying to catch a mouse for a review! lol  I think I would probably catch a Scorpion here in the Southwest before I caught a mouse.  

So I tested the product manually.  I will say it took me a little bit to figure it out.  The directions are clearly on the side of the box.  However, I had to attempt a few times before I figured out the trigger mechanism.  The Mouse Trap kind of looks like a rocket ship.  

Some Cool Features:

*  Totally reusable!  Each trap comes with 10 Green silicon rings which means you could potentially catch 10 mice!  Ahhh!

*  The design is pretty neat, and sleek.  

*  Once you figure out how the trap works, it's pretty simple

Here I am Testing the Trap with a narrow spatula...It worked!  I tried to get my husband to put his hand in the trap..but no such luck! :)  It does give out a large snap when triggered.  

So I am confident, that IF I had a mouse lurking this Nooski Mouse Trap would be the answer, and for me considering the other options out there, I would say this could actually be the best mouse trap ever! :)

Nooski Product Description:

"The Nooski Mouse Trap works every time. It's the first truly new design for a mouse trap in over a century. Its patented system uses latex rubber rings that kill the mice every time, and it can be used over and over again. It really is the 'better mouse trap'.

With the Nooski Mouse Trap you need no more fiddly springs and snap traps that catch your fingers and maim mice. No more cruel glue traps. No more dangerous poisons that cause mice to die painful slow deaths. The Nooski Mouse Trap is safe, clean and easy.
How does the Nooski Mouse trap work?
  • The trap is set by rolling on a latex rubber ring
  • The mouse is attracted by the bait, we use a little peanut butter
  • The mouse works its way into the trap
  • The latex ring is triggered
  • The mouse dies swiftly inside or next to the trap
  • Set the trap again with another ring
The mouse cannot run off and die in its nest causing bad odors and it is impossible for them to steal the bait without being caught. Other traps often fail or maim. The Nooski Mouse Trap works swiftly and humanely and works every time, guaranteed.
Whereas snap traps are often thrown out with a dead and bloody mouse, the Nooski Mouse Trap can be used again and again. Ten latex rings are included to catch ten mice, and Nooski Refill Packs give you unlimited use.
Designed and made in New Zealand. The Nooski Mouse Trap pack includes one clear trap, black safety tunnel and ten latex rubber rings to catch ten mice.
Trigger Housing
Simply roll the ring into position, no separate loading cone required. Built from tough ABS plastic, the NOOSKI Mouse Trap is guaranteed to give 100% success, every time.
Safety Tunnel
Acting as the bait container as well as the safety tunnel. The safety tunnel allows you to set the trap inside without worry of pets or children setting it off.
Length: 150mm, Width: 56mm, Height: 33mm, Weight: 50 grams."

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Ian said...

I actually have a mouse problem and can categorically confirm that this trap REALLY works. Currently its caught an average of more than one per day.

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