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Tassimo T20 Brewing System Review!

  Bosch T20 Home Brewing System, White

Tassimo T20
Last year I enjoyed reviewing the Tassimo T65 Brewing System.  I LOVED the T65!  And now Tassimo has surprised us again with another brilliant Tassimo machine!  I am so excited to talk about the NEW Tassimo T20 Brewing System.

T-20 with removable colored Center

The Tassimo T20 Brewing System is so cool.  One of my favorite and obvious features of the T20 is the removable center.  They offer a variety of colors in a color kit.  So you can choose a color that will match your kitchen or your office.  I was sent the White T20 with a Red center!  Which was perfect in matching my kitchen!


Gevalia T-Dsic
I already discussed the removable colored center.  I love the simplicity of the machine.  You only have two buttons.  Your ON/OFF button.  And one large round button to start your beverage.  I love how sleek the T20 design is compared to the T65.  Besides that it looks so awesome on my kitchen counter, it fits well.  The water tank fits like a glove to the back of the T20.

Making a full pot of coffee is fine.  But when you have guests over and everyone has a different taste, this machine is perfect.  In a short amount of time, your guests can be served teas, hot chocolates, coffees, cappuccinos without ever having to clean a coffee pot!

A cool feature is the bar coded beverage discs.  Each disc has a unique bar code that the T20 system reads and properly prepares!  This to me is soooo amazing.  How smart this machine is! :)

How it Works...

Sleek water tank
First, fill the water tank.  Pretty easy.  Choose which beverage you want.  Place the disc bar code facing down in the top, press the round lid down on the disc.  Make sure you put your coffee cup in the center.  All that is left..push the large round button.  And there you go!  Depending on which beverage you choose, it may take a minute or two to complete.  You can also manually hold the round button if you would like additional beverage in your cup.  (kinda cool).


What Kind of Beverages Does the T-20 Make?

Wow.  Tassimo offers a wide variety of beverages from some of your favorite brands.  Coffees, Teas, Hot Cocoa, Cappuccino/lattes, as well as some delicious specialty drinks.

I was given two beverages to try.  Starbucks Espresso Roast Latte (comes with a creamer disc), and the Gevalia Signature Blend Coffee.  I really love both beverages.

Coffee Brewing in Action
To Sum it up...

I Love the Tassimo brand!  I am so impressed with the quality of the brewing machines.  Everyone that comes over to my house, seems to notice the Tassimo makers sitting on my counter!  I love to talk about it's awesomeness!! :)  I recommend the Tassimo T20!

If you are looking for that perfect Christmas found it!  This gift keeps giving all year around!  Walmart even sells the Tassimo Brewing systems, and the beverage discs!

Finished Cup of Coffee.. Perfect!


*I received one Tassimo T20 to review in exchange for my review post.  This review is purely my opinion.

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