Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thanks To Farmville...I am now a Farmer...or...

My little Greenhouse!  It took about 3 weeks for the seeds to sprout and grow enough for me to  transplant  the little "pods" into a larger Garden

And here is the Garden Box my husband built for me.  It's so cute!  6' by 3'.  The box frame was made from Redwood boards from Home Depot.  Instead of putting a wooden bottom we used heavy duty plastic lining from Home Depot.  Living out here in the HOT southwest.. our yards are not grassy or full of rich soil.  So you kind of have to create the environment for the plants.  The planks diving my plants are Cedar boards that you can purchase in a set.  

My plants signs are also Cedar boards.  Who knows by the end of the week the signs might read R.I.P. Tomatoes.  

A close up of my baby Tomato plants.  I will add the iron stick things soon.  So that the tomato plants will have something to wrap around as they grow.  lol  I am a terrible farmer.

I am sure many of you have opinions about my first garden.   I am prepared for failure..and I am prepared for success.  Here is to being positive....if my garden bites the dust.. then my kids will have a new sandbox. :)

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Clenbuterol said...

Yes a lots of people getting the idea from there, and it is good that you are doing this work.

Hyla said...

RIP tomatoes! Hahaha I love that line! How are they doing?

Tara said...

lol Hyla.. well the plants gave me a scare for a bit..but seem to be doing really well. So we will see. I am wondering if I planted to late in the season.. who knows. I'll post pictures soon. lol Thanks for asking about my humble garden:)

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