Monday, August 6, 2012

Raggedy Ann Doll Review & GIVEAWAY! 8/24

It's so funny how a cartoon, a piece of candy, or a toy can transport you back to when you were a child.  Even as an adult.. the wonderful memories can flood over you like honey.  I was so happy to have been given the opportunity to review the "new" Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy line by Aurora Toy, Inc..  My heart nearly stopped when I opened the box and saw the familiar face of Raggedy Ann.  Her same red yarn hair greeted me along with her wide eyes,adorable eye lashes, and rosie cheeks.  Her blue dress, with white pantaloons, white apron, and red and white striped legs peeking out, brought a rush of emotions of when I was a little girl.  My first reaction was to hug her.

I was so anxious for my 4 1/2 year old daughter to see Raggedy Ann.  Honestly, my little Elly loves dolls, all dolls, but I wondered how she would react to this wide eyed handmade doll.  It wasn't mechanical, her eyes didn't blink, and she didn't say "momma", so I hoped in vain my daughter would feel as happy as I did.

Elly starred at the doll.  I smiled largely waiting.  She traced the eyelashes with her fingertips..then the beautiful embroidered name of Raggedy Ann on the Apron, asking me what it said.  After a few moments of examining every inch of Raggedy Ann, she pulled the classic doll into a hug and said "I really love her, Mom"

I know it may seem silly, but I was so happy for her to "love" this classic doll.  Our kids are used to being entertained these days by everything electronic, and for her to embrace something that ignites imagination, warmed my heart.

The Raggedy Ann doll is so well made.  Her sweetness, and innocent expression has been captured in such a wonderful way.  Whether or not you remember the classic Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls, you can't help fall in love with this huggable classic.

Where can you find this coveted classic doll?  Aurora World, Inc. has a wonderful line to choose from.  The sizes of the Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Dolls range from 8" to 25" in length.  With prices starting at $10!  They also have a cute line called Raggedy Ann Fancy Pals starting at $17.  Reportedly, later on this year, Aurora World, Inc. will be introducing a holiday line including Raggedy Ann "Chilly Chic" and "Santa's Helper" as well as Raggedy Andy "Chilly Chic" and "Santa".  These are 16" in length and the SRP is $27.  The entire Raggedy Ann and Andy line is recommended for 18 months and above.

Aurora World has generously offered ONE Raggedy Ann or Raggedy Andy dolls to one of my Readers!  But if you can't wait, check out these classics online and with orders of $50 or more use Promo Code:  YooHoo12 code to get FREE SHIPPING until August 31st! :)  

If you would like a chance to win One Raggedy Ann or Andy doll or Fancy Pals, please enter the Rafflecopter below!  This Giveaway is open to U.S. and CANADA only! You must complete the 2 mandatory entries and the rest are extras!  Thanks for entering!

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Danelle( said...

My favorite is the 25" Raggedy Ann Doll.

strawberry said...


Charity and John said...

I like the Raggedy Ann Fancy Pal Schrunchy.
primabee at hotmail dot com

Charity and John said...

I like the Raggedy Ann Fancy Pal Schrunchy.
primabee at hotmail dot com

Veronica said...

I like the 7inch Raggedy Ann Fancy Pal Butterfly!

vnjplus3 at verizon dot nte

Stephanie said...

I love the Raggedy Ann Fancy Pal Butterfly doll.

Kim C. said...


Mary said...

I like the 16 inch Raggedy Ann doll

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